What foods increase the potency in men: a list of

To achieve a high level of potency, man is not enough to use tablets. For the treatment of inflammation of the prostate, impotence and low testosterone it is necessary to change lifestyle. And in the first place– to reconsider your approach to nutrition. Enrich your daily diet is useful for the potency of the products.

products that increase potency

How to choose

What foods increase the potency in men? How to build your diet and include food, useful for male power, it is necessary to know what are the required trace elements. Because some foods are natural aphrodisiacs, because they to them the necessary nutrients. Most often, they are belongs to a group of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

Among the useful for potency micronutrients in the first place it is necessary to mention:

  • Vitamin As generally Has an invigorating effect on the male body before, providing high efficiency. Especially important is the large dose of vitamin C for smokers – a useful trace element, dissolves when in contact with nicotine;
  • Vitamin Ie. The first in the list of natural antioxidants. Stabilizes the level of testosterone in the male body, gives the other substances destroy him. It is a natural defender of the potency of men;
  • Vitamins of group Mv Consumes foods with this trace element, we have a natural way to improve their level of your libido. To regrow the energy supply of the nervous and reproductive system;
  • Vitamin D. Under normal circumstances a man will get his under the influence of sunlight. But nowadays people have a lot of time is spent in enclosed spaces. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary consumption of a large quantity of products with this trace element;
  • Zinc. This is the basis, without which in a man's body is not a maybe, not a good potency, or high levels of testosterone. It is able to transform the female hormones in men's;
  • Selenium. Eliminates stagnant processes in the pelvic area, improves blood circulation. Restores the normal activity of the male testes to the formation of sperm and testosterone;
  • Omega-3 and omega-6. The best protection against prostate inflammation and poor potency. Reduces the production of cortisol, a hormone that contributes to the reduction of testosterone.

List of products

Some products are delicacies, and at the same time, they are known as powerful aphrodisiacs that are capable of the rapid improvement of potency. More – cheap enough, belongs to the food, we to her every day. While that may be the products, increase the libido in men. Buy useful for male potency products everyone can, you just need to know which one to choose.

Onion and garlic

An ordinary bow is a good stimulant of libido. Their useful properties for the potency of men bow became known already in the times of Ancient Rome. Fried, boiled or baked luka nutrients much less. It is advisable to consume raw or pickled form. In particular, it is suitable in a mixture with boiled chicken eggs – a popular filling for pies.

onion and garlic

Garlic also increases the potency, is a rich source of Selenium. The more convenient it was to use the beneficial properties of this product, prepare the garlic tincture. Clear and to grind 1 kg of garlic, throw into a jar with a capacity of 3 liters. Pour boiling water, close the lid, remove it into a dark cool place for 30 days. Regularly carefully mix our tincture. Her on 1 tsp a day, washed down with 250 ml of milk.


This product, today almost forgotten, can be used for male potency and increase. The best turnips valid, is to cook it in milk and add a little honey. When you prepare veggies for cooking, cut and clean, you can add as much sugar. It will be another source of vitamins for potency. Eat only a few spoonfuls of the finished meals a day, on an empty stomach.


Watermelon in the fresh, pure form, has a beneficial effect on potency:

  • Dilates blood vessels;
  • Improves the function of the genital organs;
  • Eliminates stagnant processes in the tissues of the prostate.

Also in watermelons contain phytonutrients, a relaxation of the capillaries. Eventually the cavernous body of penis more easily accept and give worse blood. Erection men strengthens, stabilizes. Eating large quantities of watermelon pulp can be compared with the intake of the tablet.

Dairy products

Cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, cream and ryazhenka positive effect on the level of male potency. If we talk about milk in its purest form, then it may not be pasteurized. Otherwise, the content of nutrients needed for potency, very suffer. If you do not have access to all the physical milk, the better to lean on dairy products from the store.

Fatty marine fish

Ideal for improving the potency of such foods, such as flounder and sardines. First of all, is the source of the entire group of vitamins. Secondly, here you can find fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which in modern man is the lack of.

If you bought the fish, to increase the strength, it's not worth it to fry, or cook in the oven. Better to cook or bring to ready to steam. Smoked or salted fish will also become the best choice.

Fish can be eaten in large quantities, it's hard to suffer from obesity in extent. This product is suitable for men and not only because it strengthens the potency. Marine fish species also favorably affect the quality and viability of the sperm.



Useful for potency, but it is necessary to choose lean. It is appropriate to depart from the pork, move on to beef, rabbit, breast of chicken. To useful amino acids get into the body in the maximum concentration, it is necessary to give up frying the meat.

Some of the meat products give a special effect on the potency. These include rooster combs, venison, lamb and bull eggs. Meat do not abuse. To spend, to our gastro-intestinal tract must spend too much energy. As a result of potency may suffer.


Nuts of all kinds are very useful for male potency. The highest content of nutrients, which enhance libido, can boast of cedar. Here you can find everything necessary for man and minerals. It is also useful to nutmeg, but is allowed to use only as a spice and in small amounts.

Can I mix the crushed nuts with other foods. For example, with meat or vegetable salads. Particularly useful ingredients such as salads will be dried fruit and carrots. Here nuts not only improve the palatability of the food, but also contribute to increase the level of efficiency.


Go to the delicacies. Finding her will be very hard, but she powerfully and quickly acts on the level of potency. They are used in food, this product is mainly in the arab countries.

Cicurina – it's salty on the specific prescription of the camel's stomach. Enough to eat only a few grams of this product before sex. The effect will be noticeable over an hour. It is also possible to consume it in the form of tincture on alcohol.


Expensive product, but now it's easy enough to find, for example, ordering in a restaurant. Oysters must necessarily be alive, otherwise most of the nutrients would go anywhere. This delicacy for hundreds of years is known as the best means to increase potency.

Why are oysters so effective? In them is contained a shock dose of amino acids. Hitting into the body of a man, they give a sudden surge of energy. Which is consumed the body to increase the strength of the potency.

However, if you are looking for food that enhances male power, do not abuse the oysters. Their side is often 1-2 times a week. Here is a little bit of mercury, which in large amounts will be very harmful for potency and men's health.

If you are not willing to spend money on oysters, try the other, less expensive seafood. Especially suitable for increasing the potency of calamari, shrimp, octopus.

Foods or tablets

When a man is thinking about how to support or enhance their potency, the question arises: change the diet, or to extract useful substances in tablets. The last option may seem more attractive and comfortable. All the necessary substance immediately in each dose of the drug.

The more, as a means to increase the potency of the market is full. Advertising screams at the tv, with billboards on the street, from the contextual ads on the internet. There are various drugs that, according to a notarized manufacturer, contain many nutrients. Among them we can mention the vitamin-mineral complexes, diet supplements and homeopathic remedies. So you choose – natural foods, or pills?

For all funds, which are based on nutrients, have a number of drawbacks in comparison with natural food:

  • They are digested worse, than trace elements in natural form;
  • The right conditions for the production and storage of vitamins easily upset. Ultimately, the end consumer gets a "pacifier";
  • For each person is the lack of various trace elements. This point is not always distinguished manufacturers of pills. You can buy a vitamin complex, and eventually get a crash of some elements and the lack of other.

It is often forgotten that a diverse and delicious, natural products are on the table – not only is it of direct benefit to the body and potency. Last but not least, it is – a good mood, "fighting spirit" men. And if mentally the representative of the stronger sex like then increases and the level of his testosterone. What cannot be achieved by a tablet.