How to increase potency in men: natural ways, food, herb

Sure, it's a disease as impotence can result in the horror of every representative of the male gender. Men usually ashamed of this problem, and not in a hurry to run to the hospital, but all the experiences he's holding in, that exacerbates the disease. Maybe in this case it is better to use folk remedies to increase potency, than to do nothing, because in ancient times it was with the support of folk medicine men regain male power.

means to increase potency

Treatment using herbs

Among the people there are a huge number of ways to restore potency: perform a variety of procedures, to receive food the potency, and the use of medicinal plants. All of these ways are very clear and do not require large cash expenditures.

With the help of herbs you can cure almost any disease, including impotence. The main thing to know what the effect on the body produce medicinal plants. Consider the most effective plants to increase male power.


Nettle is a useful plant not only for women but also for men. From the seeds of the nettle preparing a decoction for the increase of male power.

The seeds of nettle pour 200 g of red wine and half an hour boiled in a water bath, then a decoction of this plant infusion 8 hours. Take the floor of the cup 3 times daily before meals.

For strengthening the male power useful to cook the seeds of nettles and drink it as a tea half an hour before meals.


The root of calamus, is no longer considered a reliable means for the treatment of impotence, he may have a beneficial effect on the sexual system of men and is able to increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Recipes for the preparation of a decoction of the following:

  • the root of calamus (10 g) pour floors a glass of boiling water, after which this infusion pour 10 g of tubers of night violets. Take 4 times a day tablespoon;
  • a tablespoon of the root calamus pour a glass of boiling water, decoction take 6 hours, after which take a quarter cup 3 times daily before meals;
  • from the root of calamus prepare alcohol tincture, in the proportion of 1:5, the last floor of a teaspoon 3 times a day.

St john's wort

St. john's wort is a medicinal plant that awakens sexual desire not only in men but also in women. For enhancing sexual activity of the weed can be used no more than three weeks.

St john's wort potency in the form of decoction of, for, 10 g of plant pour a glass of boiling water, after which it is cooked 20 minutes. Drink a decoction of 20 minutes before a meal.

St. john's wort to increase potency can also take on vodka, 100 g of plant pour half a liter of vodka and take 30 drops 3 times a day.

Efficiency in the consumption of st. john's wort enhances the already a couple of days, that only men with high blood pressure is a medicinal plant consumed could not be.


Aloe is an ancient natural popular means to improve potency. This plant contains a lot of useful vitamins and trace elements, which regulate the blood circulation in the genital organs of men. The juice of aloe activates the blood flow to the genitals.

For increasing the male power of aloe is used as a basic element in the following recipes:

  • aloe with honey and wine. During 6 days it is necessary to pour 150 g of aloe juice, 300 g honey and 400 g of red wine. Before meals 3 times a day to eat on the dinner tablespoon;
  • natural aloe juice in its pure form, take a teaspoon 3 times a day before meals;
  • the juice of aloe (100 g), which stood for a week in a dark place, the juice of 5 lemons, 400 g honey and 600 g walnuts, stir and take a tablespoon 3 times daily before meals. All of these ingredients are the best means to increase potency;
  • in equal proportions mix the juice of aloe, rose hips, honey, butter and goose fat. Taken with milk before meals.

Schizandra chinese

Not all medicinal plants can have so many useful elements for the normal functioning of the reproductive system of men and women, which contains schizandra chinese.

Schizandra chinese strengthens activity of the nervous system, promotes the production of adrenaline, increases the activity, stimulates sexual appetite and is able to increase the potency. Schizandra chinese contains large amounts of vitamins and trace elements, why it is so effective.

Fruit lemongrass do the infusion, that must take a tablespoon 2 times a day. For its preparation a tablespoon of fruit it is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water. The seeds of lemongrass used for the preparation of the tincture, 10 g of seeds pour 50 ml of vodka and insist two weeks. Tincture lemongrass take 30 drops after meals.

But not only medicinal plants are able to affect on male power, with the help of foods can also restore potency.

Products that potency

It is impossible to list all products that have a positive effect on the potency, these include:

  • vegetables (onions, carrots, radishes);
  • fruit (lemons, pomegranates);
  • food of animal origin (meat, eggs, milk);
  • legumes, nuts, grains;
  • vegetable oils;
  • foods, created by nature (propolis, badger fat, the mummy) and others.

They all have their unique composition and supplying the human organism to appropriate the vital elements. Consider the best products for potency.


Cumin is an excellent folk remedy for the treatment of impotence, dilates blood vessels and causes the output of sex hormones. Also cumin supports the breeding mood, which has a positive effect on the nervous system.

When impotence is necessary to equally mix the ground cumin, incense and olive oil, eat a teaspoon 3 times a day before meals. Also, in a glass of water dissolve a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of decoction of cumin and chamomile, taken in the same spirit.

The oil from cumin seeds can be used for massage of the lower back.

The restoration of male power will run faster if in the course of the month through the day to eat the seeds of cumin with eggs, you just need to take a tablespoon of the ground seeds of the cumin and chicken eggs.

Also for preservation of efficiency it is necessary to use a tablespoon of this instrument on the basis of caraway seeds: 100 g of seeds of cumin, mix with a glass of elecampane, a spoon of seasoning and 2 tablespoons of shambhala.

Sunflower seeds and seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds help to increase sexual arousal, because they contain a large dose of arginine. For the potency a day during the month, it is necessary to eat more than a hundred seeds.

Also to increase the potency of an indispensable natural means are the seeds of turnips.


Cinnamon for the restoration of male power is used quite often.

Thanks to the essential oils contained in it, cinnamon helps to strengthen the body and increases male power.

For the improvement of erection preparing a beverage based on honey and cinnamon. For this cinnamon is poured a glass of boiled water, after cooling add honey. Honey taken in 2 times more than the cinnamon.

Cinnamon can be added to any dish and this ingredient will favorably act on the male libido. Equally useful will be that the powder of cinnamon, essential oil of cinnamon.


Quite recently, it was found to be an effective means of increasing the male power — and it is the almonds, because in its composition the arginine. Only 30 grams of almonds per week is able to not only improve sexual activity, but also prolong sexual intercourse. It is a natural remedy is helpful not only for men but also for women.

products of animals


Known to all that such product, as is rosehip is an excellent cope with catarrhal diseases, because it contains large amounts of vitamin C. But not everyone knows that rose hips is also useful for reproductive system of men.

Rose hips contains vitamin E, which is essential for reproductive function, and thus men it is advisable to drink tea with rosehip in infertility.

In the pharmacy you can buy the oil from the seeds of the rosehip, which is obtained as a result of processing the fruits of rosehip. Rosehip oil is to be taken to improve potency. Also to maintain the erection it is possible to prepare a drug for the treatment in domestic conditions. For this it is necessary to take rose hips, leaves watch trifoliate, marigold flowers and motherwort at a ratio of 2:1:1:2. On tablespoon of the collection it is necessary to take a glass of boiling water. Take a collection of half an hour, drink on the floor a cup before meals 3 times daily for 3 weeks.

Products of animal origin

Among the products of animal origin, well increase potency, beef liver (contains arginine), meat, eggs, liver, cod, salmon, cottage cheese, hard cheese, sour cream. Sour cream in the potency is very useful, because it contributes to increase the amount of sperm.

Ordinary eggs can also increase male libido, notwithstanding this, chicken or quail eggs. Better to eat them raw, because when the thermal processing loses the useful properties of this product.

There is a category of people who do not tolerate raw egg. In this case, you can make scrambled eggs with onions, which is an aphrodisiac, it it promotes sexual arousal. Fry eggs can be on flaxseed oil, which are useful for men.

Also do not forget that eggs are a source of protein, which is part of semen.

Parsley and onion

As for the greenery, parsley and onions is an excellent increase the potency. Parsley and onions are able to increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

To increase sexual attraction to the woman the man is useful to eat fresh parsley or onions a day in salads, add in the flaxseed oil. If fresh herbs are impossible to get, will suit and dried parsley.

Parsley is useful for men in any form, the point is, that parsley contains apigenin, which suppresses in the male body female hormones. Eat per day, 100 grams of green or juice parsley can be achieved by a continuous erection. After the adoption of the food parsley, its effect persists for a period of 4 hours.

Onions in turn increases the blood circulation to the genitals, which favorably affect the the ability to of sexual intercourse. Eat onions every day in the diet, it is possible to achieve the erection will be longer and appeal to the woman strengthen.

When choosing between different types of onion for the preparation of meals, you can without doubt use both leeks and onions, because of their useful properties are identical.


Carrots not only increases the potency, but also increases the weakened immune system, removes cholesterol from the body and improves the robot reproductive system.

Very useful for a man every day to drink a glass of carrot juice or eat cooked carrots in salads. Cooked carrots is much more useful than raw, because during the heat treatment are formed antioxidants, which help to overcome even cancer of the prostate.

Lovers of spicy food, you can cook the carrots with the horseradish, which also restores erectile function.

You can prepare a salad with carrots and radishes. For this radish and carrots clean and rub on a grater, add salt, add a teaspoon of honey and fill the sour cream. All the ingredients of this salad to increase the potency.

Lemon and pomegranate

Among fruits, the lemon is able to improve the quality of sexual intercourse, because it contains an aphrodisiac. Also, the lemon activates the production of the male hormone – testosterone. Along with this fruit, there are more delicious natural remedy to increase male power — a banana. Bananas for the potency is very useful, improve the quality of sperm and contribute to a longer erection.

Pomegranate – an excellent remedy for strengthening of potency, in ancient times men ate before intercourse a handful of grains of pomegranate, which help to increase the length of pleasure. Pomegranate juice acts like Viagra, so men recommended daily it also. Pomegranate is not only improves the potency but also has a positive effect on the entire sexually active system. Medical studies have shown that pomegranate reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.


Dates are also natural remedies to maintain potency. Its characteristics dates are as well as fruits such as pomegranate and lemon, because they contain a large amount of mineral substances, about 65% in the composition of the nuts takes sucrose.

And what is most important, that dates increase the quantity and quality of semen, so this product is the best remedy for infertility.

bee products

To prolong sexual intercourse should be eating a handful of nuts a day, or to cook any dish with the data. Recipe such food for the preservation of male power is very simple. It is necessary to take dates, chop them rings, pre-extract the bone and mix with the almonds, after which it wrap the ingredients on the plate of coconut. Food of nuts and almonds is ready, after half an hour, you can no longer feel sexual attraction to a woman.