Herbs to increase potency in men

Phytotherapy – it is a safe and effective technique for the treatment of impotence. They have the necessary knowledge in the field of herbs can get rid of itself running forms of the development of erectile dysfunction, and also get the opportunity to conceive a child. Treatment with herbs is popular not only for the supporters of folk medicine, its very often recommend their patients to many famous doctors-andrologists. The most important thing – to take into account all the features of this or that pot, must not have allergy to herbal ingredients and to know how to properly cook a cure for sexual impotence in home conditions.

herbs for the potency of men

The function of phytotherapy in the impotence

Impotence may occur under the influence of a huge amount of adverse factors:

  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • bad emotional state;
  • destroying the body of toxins and poisons;
  • lack of vitamins and trace elements;
  • hormonal disruptions.

Before proceeding to the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is very important to find out the cause of its occurrence and only then should be chosen required course of herbal medicine, which can be combined with the intake of drugs. Reveal the provocateur of the problems with potency you rent analyses and the composition of a series of laboratory tests.

The use of medicinal herbs for the restoration of male power without diagnostic activities is not prohibited. However, you must remember that I can not always get rid of diseases of the reproductive system. This is due to the fact that some plants have a narrow spectrum of action and are not able to remove all of what happened to cause the development of impotence.

Advantages of the method

Benefits of the use of different decoctions and tinctures from medicinal herbs known to mankind even from ancient times. Since then, scientists have discovered more floor thousands of species of plants, which help to cope with a variety of serious illnesses, including erectile dysfunction. In addition, herbal medication, has a number of other advantages:

  • nature;
  • the possibility of replacing the costly chemical products;
  • availability;
  • the minimum number of contraindications;
  • a beneficial effect on the condition of the whole organism.
herbs for the potency of men the name of the

Thanks to all these advantages the medicinal plants, modern pharmacological companies have become increasingly develop means for the treatment of disorders of the reproductive system based on herbs. But despite the wide range of dietary Supplements, doctors insist on the use of medicines prepared from herbal ingredients with their own hands.

The best herbs to increase the potency

Among the huge number of medicinal plants there are the top 10 herbs which are capable for a short time to return a man's strength, restore hormonal background and to remedy the lack of nutrients in the body. This list includes:

  • dubrovnik;
  • Colgan;
  • st. john's wort;
  • aruda;
  • dill;
  • cranberry;
  • nettle;
  • oman;
  • motherwort;
  • chicory (root).

Those plants can be used for the preparation of tinctures, decoctions, as well as for brewing tea.

Treatment with herbs is contraindicated allergy on herbal ingredients. If after taking the drug a person begins to feel wrong, something needs to change set of components or the use of pharmacological drugs.

Cooking drugs against impotence

How to get rid of sexual impotence medicine men offer 3 basic prescription, in whose composition is included the combination of several of those plants. The choice of this or that method of production of drugs depends only on the personal preferences of men and individual features of his body. On the efficiency of the phytotherapy it does not affect.

Wedding broth with herbs

The foundation of our honeymoon, and a decoction of herbs includes components, such as:

  • nettle, aruda – 100 gr. (if necessary, it is possible to replace the St. John's wort and elecampane);
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • tablespoon of natural honey;
  • a few teaspoons of ginger powder.

Crushed aruda and dried nettle leaves rinse with boiling water, after which it is again pour hot water (1 liter) and cook for 15 minutes on low heat. The finished decoction peeled off from the plate, immediately filter it and add to it the other ingredients.

Drinking the medicine is necessary to the floor of the cup 2 times daily before meals. After three weeks of regular treatment for men noted a number of improvements in the work of the internal organs, and also strengthens erection. This recipe is suitable for standalone use, for use as a supplement to comprehensive medical therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Tea from medicinal herbs

Hot tea – the most enjoyable way to increase the potency. There are several sets of components, one of which can be to cook this medicinal drink:

herbs for the potency of men a tincture
  1. Chicory root, motherwort, melissa;
  2. Cranberry, lemon juice, honey;
  3. Ginseng root, ginger powder, mint.

To cooking tea is to be taken in half a tbsp each of the three ingredients and pour them with warm (not boiling) water. Infusion drink for 5 minutes, then it is necessary to drink it immediately. Consume the tea cold, but for the time its cooled down, it loses most of the healthy substances.

Length of regular use of this drug does not have limitations. However, the initial course of herbal medicine in this case may not be shorter than 30 days (up to three times a day). After this time, tea of medicinal herbs is recommended to drink one cup a day. This will allow to prevent the development of inflammation of the prostate gland and help you to constantly maintain potency at a high level.

Alcohol tincture

Tincture from Colgan has a lot of positive qualities:

  • reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • improves the quality of the ejaculate;
  • accelerates the excretion of toxins and poisons from the body;
  • increases blood flow into the penis during arousal;
  • eliminates the problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • protects against inflammation of the prostate.

For its preparation will need to take 5 small roots of the plant and a liter of quality vodka. The roots are cut into several parts and filled with alcohol. The infusion of the drug over a period of two weeks. For this time we will need 3-4 times the cocktail of the tank, where it is stored.

After the expiry of that period, a ready remedy is necessary to drink several times a day 50 ml. Take a tincture is to be taken on an empty stomach, with milk or plain water for 3-4 weeks. If necessary course of treatment can be repeated once again.

To enhance the beneficial properties of this drug, the experts recommend adding one or more additional components:

  • a few sprigs of dill;
  • with a pinch of ginger powder;
  • tablespoon of crushed leaves and stems of dubrovnik.
Important! If the house has a coffee grinder, then prior to the preparation of the infusion of the roots of galangal and other components (if used) ter. In this case, insist that the drug should be no more than 4 days.

General recommendations

For fast results of herbal medicine, doctors recommend to follow a few recommendations:

  • in the course of treatment is necessary to completely give up smoking;
  • finished tinctures or decoctions can not be stored longer than a week;
  • tea is necessary to drink always hot;
  • it is recommended to combine products based on herbs with proper diet and exercise;
  • all components should be dry, with no signs of mold and the consequences of the life of insects;
  • herbs it is necessary to buy only in a pharmacy, for yourself to choose from, it's not worth it;
  • before cooking the drugs that you need to make sure, in the absence of allergic reactions on the selected plants.

The plant-cannabinoids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

herbs for potency in men recipes

In ancient times to treat impotence used hemp seeds, which contain huge amounts of vitamins, trace elements and four types of cannabinoids:

  • cannabinol;
  • tetrahydrocannabinol;
  • cannabichromene;
  • cannabidiol.

They all represent a group of active elements, which favorably affect the condition of the male body and the release of a person from a number of diseases of the genitourinary system.

Due to the fact that marijuana is prohibited for sale on the territory of the state, its alternative in the treatment of sexual impotence have become these herbs immediate action, such as:

  • black pepper;
  • acmella ogorodnaya;
  • echinacea;
  • smil umbrella;
  • the new zealand liverwort.

These plants contain some kinds of cannabinoids, and help to quickly heal any form of impotence, and also get the ability to have children.

Unlike hemp drugs listed only have a beneficial effect on the male body and do not violate the mental state. In addition, they do not cause addiction and do not reduce the quality of the seminal fluid.

Natural aphrodisiac

In addition to the plants that are able to get rid of many diseases of internal organs and the disorders of erection, in the nature there are herbs-aphrodisiac. Can be corrected the status of men's health, increase libido, fills the person's life energy and help him get a new, bright feelings from the process of intercourse.

In addition to enhancing sexual desire-natural aphrodisiac, it improves the production of testosterone. Due to the fact are often used in the implementation of hormonal replacement therapy and may completely squeeze out most of the chemical drugs.

In the list of the best herbs-aphrodisiacs are logged in the following plants:

  • Eleutherococcus pungent;
  • marjoram;
  • anise field;
  • strawberries (berries, leaves);
  • aloe;
  • parsley;
  • chives.

Proven recipes for increased libido

Below are listed three of the best and effective prescription the preparation of means for stimulation of sexual desire. They are completely safe and are suitable for men of any age.

Tincture of Eleuterococcusa barbed

Eleutherococcus has a whole list of useful properties:

  • increases endurance;
  • it has a toning effect on the body;
  • normalizes the nervous system;
  • eliminates the symptoms of physical and mental fatigue;
  • contributes to long-term penis act;
  • immediately increases the libido.
aloe potency of men

For the preparation of tinctures from this plant it is necessary to take 100 grams. the roots Eleuterococcusa and their pour 500 ml of vodka or divorced water, 96% alcohol (1: 3). The drug infusion for a period of three days, after which it filter it and take 25 drops. Action tincture begins after 20-30 minutes.

If a person doesn't want from him was to feel the alcohol at the critical moment, that instead of a tincture can be prepared tea. In this case, it is necessary to pour 50 grams. root Eleuterococcusa warm water and let him stand for about 10 minutes. If you want this drink can offer you to drink their partner. It allows her to relax, calm the nervous system, but also help you tune in to the upcoming intercourse.

Salad with the addition of plants-aphrodisiacs

The fastest way to increase libido and hardness – it is the salad, that contains the following ingredients:

  • green onions;
  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • a few leaves of marjoram;
  • 5 sprigs of parsley;
  • olive oil.

Vegetables cut and mixed with herbs. The finished salad seasoned with olive oil and eat for half an hour before sexual intercourse.

To partner too could feel the rush of desire, and also became more unfettered, it is recommended to offer her a fruit salad of strawberries, bananas and kiwi. Season with dish for the fair sex can be low-fat yogurt or yogurt.

Aloe juice and honey

Aloe tree (agave) has long been considered a good way to fast enhance the sexual drive. In addition, very often used for the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system and enhance the protective functions of the organism.

The plant has a slightly bitter taste of the flavors, and therefore drinking its juice is quite uncomfortable. To reduce the bitterness of the doctors recommend to mix recent expressum liquid from the crushed leaves of aloe vera with natural honey.

In that case, if a person is allergic to honey, juice agávea can be combined with condensed milk, a few tablespoons of sugar, or hot chocolate. But yet, the doctors insist that this drug is used in its purest form.

Aloe – a powerful biostimulation plant, so it is prohibited for use by those who suffer from Oncology. So the same it it is necessary with caution used in the presence of acute kidney disease and liver problems.