Means for potency in men fast action: an overview of the best drugs

Get rid of problems with an erection is possible. Most patients prefer to find a means to the potency of men, quick action. What is the best to use?

products for erection

Doctors are of the opinion that the most advantageous is the use of drugs. To date, on the shelves of pharmacies available to a wide range of products of synthetic and natural origin.

Drugs are manufactured in the form of tablets, solutions for injections, tinctures. Also bring back the sexual power perfectly help the means of folk medicine, and even some foods with a high content of zinc, selenium, magnesium, protein.

Products for the stabilization of the erection

What products for potency in men fast action use? As practice shows, it works best on the "riser" cicurina (sun-dried stomach of a camel). This product is considered to be one of the best natural aphrodisiacs. In the dried stomach of a camel contains zinc, magnesium, selenium, protein, essential amino acids.

Stomach helps improve erection, increase libido, how to get rid of premature ejaculation. Stomach you need to eat immediately before sexual act (30-40 minutes). For the time you are advised to eat no more than 20 grams.

To increase the sexual power it is also possible to use:

Oysters. Seafood is rich in organic zinc, and essential amino acids. Oysters are one of the best natural aphrodisiacs. The product also helps to improve sperm quality and stabilize the synthesis of testosterone. Use the product preferably in the raw state, because when the thermal processing leads to loss of nutrients. Mackerel. The fish is a real fount of useful trace elements. In the product contained Omega-3, Omega-6, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, protein, essential amino acids. Mackerel help to increase the quality of sperm, the stabilization of erectile function and libido. Eating fish is preferable in cooked form. Flounder. It is perhaps the best source of protein, zinc and essential amino acids. Halibut is also rich in vitamins b, a, Em, Regular consumption of the product allow you to quickly restore male power. Walnuts with honey. This mixture will help increase strength, enhance immunity, and significantly reduce the likelihood of progression of the inflammation of the prostate gland. In honey and walnuts contain vitamins, and unsaturated fats, carotene, folic acid.

Useful for male potency are all, without exception, vegetables and fruits. Also quickly restore your potency helps in green (very useful are spinach, parsley, dill, basil, mustard).

Folk recipes from erectile dysfunction

Rapid restoration of potency can provide some recipes of folk medicine. From the "weak riser" good save alcohol tinctures based on herbs. As the main ingredient, you can use the root ginseng, root of aralia, bark yohimbe, berries lemongrass, rhizome, Eleutherococcus, ginger root.

Preparing drops for male enhancement. It is necessary to dry the vegetable ingredients mixed with a good quality vodka or ethyl alcohol in a ratio of 1:10. The mixture should be placed into glass dishes and infuse in the refrigerator for several weeks. After 3-4 weeks of potion it is necessary to strain through several layers of gauze bandages.

How to increase libido and potency, you just need to take 10-15 drops of tincture 2-3 times a day. Doctors recommend to drink as drugs for no longer than 5 weeks. If you want to, it is possible to consolidate the obtained effect of repeated course of treatment (between the courses should endure a interval of at least 1 month).

    Wine tincture. For its preparation you need to mix 250 ml of honey, 350 ml wine and 100 ml juice of aloe. The ingredients must be mixed thoroughly and pour into the 5 days. Drink a potion it is necessary 2 times a day in a dosage of 50 ml of the Tincture on the basis of nettle. For its preparation it is necessary to mix 5 tablespoons of crushed nettle seeds and half a liter of red wine. The ingredients you need to cook on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Potion to cool, and taken in the dosage of 40 ml 3 times a day. Decoction on the basis of the maple leaf. For its preparation mix 3 tablespoons of dried wedge of leaves and 800 ml of water. Potion cook on low heat for 40 minutes. Before taking the decoction filtered through cheesecloth and cooled. Taking the drug 3 times a day in a dose of 150 ml. Herbal fee. For its preparation is mixed is equal to the ratio of the leaves of white mistletoe, elderberry flowers, st. john's wort. Ingredients pour l of boiling water and insist for 2 hours. Before using the drain. Take charge in the dose 200 ml 3 times a day.
folk methods

Also positively on the android strength of the effect of aromatherapy. Some essential oils positively affect the pituitary gland to stimulate the production of endorphins and positive effect on the erection. Useful oils are bergamot, jasmine, cloves, ylang-ylang, myrtle, patchouli, juniper.

Synthetic products for the quick recovery of erection

For the upliftment of the sexual power you can use pills and injections of synthetic origin. Pharmacy medication drugs without prescription. Before using drugs should consult with a urologist.

The fact is that many of the synthetic remedies have contraindications, including arterial hypertension, AV-blockade, hypotension, renal and hepatic failure, susceptibility to the priapism.

In the list of the most effective medications include:

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These pills for quick the potency of men stimulates increased blood flow to the penis by at the expense of amplification of the relaxing effects of nitric oxide. Taking inhibitors PDE-5 is necessary for 20-60 minutes before sexual intimacy. Injectable medications. Such funds must be administered in the cavernous body of penis for 40-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. Hormonal preparations based on testosterone. They are assigned only in case, if the impotence is accompanied by androgen deficiency.

All of the above drugs incompatible with alcohol. The alcohol neutralizes the therapeutic action of drugs, and also increases the likelihood of complications from the side of CNS, liver and cardiovascular system.

Naturopathic remedies

Adult men to improve the potency can be used dietary Supplements and pharmacy medicine on a natural basis. These drugs virtually have no side effects and contraindications.

The advantage of natural remedies is the fact that have an effect on the genitourinary system comprehensively. Medicines contribute to the elimination of premature ejaculation, lethargic efficiency, low libido. In addition, the drugs stimulate the synthesis of testosterone and is compatible with alcohol.

But, of course, not all natural foods are effective.

Folk methods and means for the increase of male power

If there are barriers to access to medical specialist, and may have already tried to treat with medicines, but sufficient and the desired result was not to restore potency, you can resort to folk wisdom. The damage from this will not be exact, and the effect can be very positive and unexpectedly effective.

But in the case that the problem is already running, then treat folk remedies will have to together with medication.

Folk methods

In the ancient times too there is the problem of male full or partial sexual impotence. But most likely not on this scale, as it is now. What are the general tips for the prevention of impotence gives a folk medicine?

    At least consume alcohol

Generally better to leave this habit — because alcohol is extremely negative effect on sexual function in men. If the abused spirit drinks regularly — this can lead to a complete loss of sexual capacity.

    Give up smoking

Earlier in the cigarettes although she would attend a tobacco — and that it was harmful. But now there tobacco impregnated with chemical agents to improve the odor, increase the effect of pleasure.

That is why smoking modern products the tobacco industry — the right way to impotence, and to serious diseases too. In addition, the resin, contained in the tobacco are destroying acts on the production of the necessary hormones in the body.

    Regular douches

It is better to do it every morning and also evening. Particular attention to the payment of the sexual sphere. Such a shower is good it accelerates the blood, strengthen its activity. Shower completed with cold water, and after it is necessary to vigorously triturating with a towel.

    From time to time leave from the city into nature

In general, outside the urban environment it is advisable to ideally spend as much time as possible — it is very soothing. If there is a possibility — go barefoot, even when at its land on grass, sand, rocks, any natural materials.

On the feet, a lot of active points stimulation of which has beneficial effect on all spheres of health, including the urogenital area. These natural remedies are a wonderful choice for a soft recovery of potency, and to the nerves and health in order.

    Keep an eye on your food
bad habits

Less fats, especially of animal origin. Also less need to fry foods — when frying arise harmful carcinogens, which are harmful for potency.

Either as corny as it sounds, but you need more fruit, herbs and vegetables — the perfect remedy for the health of the whole organism. It is better, if it's all the natural wealth will be in raw form. Dairy products, like cheese and cottage cheese should be a day on the table of a man I'm sure.

Buy soothing medication, try to get on an empty spot, less nervous. It is necessary to try to minimize the stress, otherwise it can lead to very damaging consequences.

The most important thing — to come reasonably quiet, even some personal reactions to external stressful stimuli.

Folk remedies


Because of to increase potency useful to activate a point on the feet by walking barefoot, then in the event that this option is not currently possible to achieve a similar effect in a different way. With the aid of a mustard plaster. The procedure is the following:

    A couple of mustard plasters wet in enough warm water to Connect one after the other at the feet, top wear tight socks, To make a mustard poultice for ten minutes

After completion of the remove mustard, rinse thoroughly with cold water feet and vigorously in redness grind them with a rough towel.

The most important thing about it is popularly known medicine — honey with walnuts. These two ingredients themselves are a great aphrodisiac, and even together — they just cannot help.

A day is recommended to take about 50 g of the honey-walnut mixture, preferably after a meal. The daily dose should be divided into two intake to 25 grams — about one tablespoon. Somewhere over a month already you can feel the first positive results.

The herb thyme can be freely bought in any pharmacy in the filter packaging, or loose. The method of preparation is simple: pour 100 grams of dry weed once with a glass of steep boiling water. Need to leave, and after the liquid is cooled down, drink instead of tea — two times a day after meals.

The device is a proven and effective — the traditional recipes recommend to use.

The herb lovage

The Russian people's car, one of the most common. Grass in dried form can be added to all the dishes that her man. Grass provokes the desire, and prolongs the time of sexual intercourse.

The only thing — it cannot be added to dairy foods, because the desired effect may not be.

A decoction of dry nettle

Nettle is popularly considered to be a special kind of Viagra. The dried leaves are brewed as a tea and drink with honey. A few weeks of the regular intake of this tea — and can even completely cure the initial stage of impotence.

Black tea

Normal coffee welding, known to us, is a powerful and effective means to increase potency. Along with brewing tea is to be put into a mug of saffron, cloves, also wouldn't hurt ginger.

Oriental spicy means to kindle the blood and activate all the processes in the body. Useful a tea and the prevention of impotence.

Tea with hops

Tea, infused with the cones of the hops is one of the best known remedies. For its correct preparation is necessary to take one tablespoon of finely chopped bumps, pour a glass of boiling water and on low heat for 5 minutes then. Then you need to wait, the shelves of the broth to cool and drink half a cup three times a day.

Tincture of garlic

Spicy vegetables with a specific smell is useful for men's health, it can be added as a seasoning to different dishes. Also it would be nice to prepare this vegetable tincture.

The method is as follows:

    Take a three-liter jar of Garlic need about 1 kg. It should be finely chopped — employment, of course, is not pleasant, but the ultimate effect of therapy promises to be quite impressive, Put the garlic into the jar and pour it piled high with boiled water, to Insist, the mixture should be within a few months, a day by shaking the bank After the expiry of the period of one month it is possible to start taking the tincture: one teaspoon daily, with the aim to achieve an increase in potency. And so continue, until they drink the whole jar
parvilno food

Result of treatment: in addition, it is almost guaranteed to restore normal sexual function in men, strengthens overall health: tincture will help to avoid colds, respiratory infections and other viral attacks.