Vitamins for men to improve the potency: to whom are useful, as is the adoption, where to find them

Know whether you the situation, when a man is experiencing certain health problems, and a specific reason, no? And problems specific! The potency! On closer examination shows that the problem turns out: bad food, imbalance diet, lack of vitamins. And the reasons for such would be meaningless, but the problem is very serious.

vitamins for potency

Can, reduce the potency will come gradually, and not immediately you will notice a decrease in libido. And noticing, sleep on fatigue today. Can, reduce potency, or complete lack thereof will come at once! And you're in a panic, crying "Who is to blame?" and "What to do?"

Who is to blame? Of course not! Life is so-so. Late autumn or early spring? Is it possible to. Head of the recorded work and the pats nerves? Can be. Pressure "naughty", for the third time in a row ARI? Exactly. And what do I do? It is up to you. Can, vitamins to drink? Is it possible to.

Who should take vitamins?

  1. Those who live in ecologically dysfunctional region

  2. Men prone to frequent ARI

  3. Smokers. The one who believes smoked cigarettes, and who is the "I'm just three cigarettes a day"

  4. Who lives in a constant state of stress. In force, whether a profession, or "natura I have such a"

  5. The men who survived surgery, trauma, severe infectious diseases. Someone has a particular disease of the genitourinary system

  6. Men with chronic diseases of the liver and intestines. This is the reason why it is not digestible vitamins, even if you get it

  7. Athletes, men who by profession is experiencing a strong physical load

  8. Men who are planning to get descendants of the "everything works". For those who want to improve the quality of sperm donation

  9. Men who sleep poorly the chronically (and nowhere else to go, this work). This is the reason, lack of sleep leads to lower testosterone production in the body

  10. All men, who care about their health and a long "android solvency"

What to do?

If to summarize all of the tips and explain in one sentence, then the following happens: modify lifestyle. And what do I do? Mode. Nice tip, but sometimes it is possible to this mode follow, because you are working in shifts. A restful sleep? Well would. If you sleep at least 8 hours and at night, in time – fine. And if you still do not such a possibility? It's hard to everything.

Further. Rethink the diet. Here is something to work on. Was to know where to start. You have to start with the right information. Here you have information for thought: a lack of vitamins leads to the weakening of the body. And once the organism as a whole, and the weakening of the sexual sphere of sexual desire. That means, we drink vitamins! What? If you take vitamins of different manufacturers for different categories of patients – women, children and men – everywhere you read one and the same set of characters. And even in mg you will point, how many is in a pack of vitamins. And what do you need to just men?

Vitamins to improve potency - b vitamins (most main male vitamin a), and a, S, D, Em you Can buy a complex of vitamins at the pharmacy, and you can eat in the "pure form" and with pleasure, if it is to properly arrange the dishes. It is necessary to reconsider your diet, and so arrange, that it was the most food, in which necessary vitamins are. Let's look at how vitamins affect male potency and where you can find.

  • Vitamin Aa – absolutely android vitamin, improves erections and reproductive function in men. Vitamin a - is it all kinds of fruits and vegetables, then that's what men love less often.

  • B vitamins – the most important vitamin for the potency of men. Buy all the nuts and bite on the way to work. Dairy products, who what likes. And fish. In fish – the main men's vitamins.

  • Vitamin D is essential for the effectiveness in the winter period. Prepare a breakfast sandwich with cheese, butter and add the boiled eggs. You will have enough vitamin Further If it is cold and you polar, fish oil – source of vitamin Etc.

  • Vitamin C is android vitamin potency, is involved in hematopoiesis, is responsible for the the flow of blood to the sex organs, increases levels of the male hormone. Vitamin C is citrus fruits, fresh herbs.

  • Vitamin E is involved in the update of the whole organism, is indicated for men with impaired potency in adulthood. If you cook a salad of leafy greens with a boiled egg, you get vitamin Ie.

  • Also it is necessary to pay attention to the minerals – zinc and selenium, which work for the production of testosterone. Again nuts. And again in the list of useful products, fish, seafood.

kinds of vitamins

Before run to the pharmacy in search of effective means to increase potency, it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle, giving special attention to nutrition. Add in the diet of the right foods, you can easily and simply solve the problem of weak potency

Ne the fact that drinking the necessary vitamins your body is to learn in one moment, and during the day will be like new. You need the time. Be patient. Sometimes you just have to leave the body in peace, provide him the psychological comfort (all diseases are from nerves), and he recovers. They just need a little help.

How much do you need vitamins?

It's good to live in ecologically clean place, to have access to high-quality products, not be limited in the media, indulging in his favorite thing, enough rest and is not experiencing stress. It's about com? About you? It's hard... And yet. It would be good to have a device which will indicate how many vitamins in mg you have her mature devoid of nitrate carrots. Is there any such device? I like that I don't know. Of the men who used 650 grams of fruit and vegetables a day? And you are sure that in these vegetables and fruits amounts of vitamins enough? The manufacturers of vitamins for men, to improve the potency of know exactly.

The lack of vitamins for potency – the wrong way. Overdose, uncontrolled intake of vitamins will bring harm. For example, an excess of vitamin D lead to problems with the kidneys, formation of stones. And excess vitamin C can cause bleeding, because it reduces the properties of the blood. An excess of vitamin a causes nausea, the state of constant fatigue. What can you do? Ask from an expert.

Ideal – before the use of vitamins to increase the potency to undergo examination at the doctor. The decline of potency may be a consequence of the disease in the first place is a failure in the work of the circulatory system. Prescribe vitamins for yourself dangerous to rely solely on advertising – is unreasonable.

How to properly take vitamins?

I wish to return the potency of today! I wish such a pill, to now everything was the way it used to be. Long, well, on the first request... it won't. Kill the body can quickly recover long and hard. On each pack of vitamins is accompanied by instructions, in which it is written, what to do and what not to do. For example, drink vitamins on an empty stomach. Is written, taken before a meal, so do so. It is written, drink water, drink water, not tea, not juice, not coffee. It is best to drink vitamins in the morning, verified in practice

And you cannot expect result after one pill or through the day. And even five! Keep patience. Vitamins for potency operate on the principle of a magic wand. The improvement comes after some time, becomes the accumulation of correct vitamin, and you will feel the result. This is the reason why vitamins, you need to have to take breaks. Usually a pack of vitamins is intended for a month. Then you need to take a break and start again.

Do not drink the same vitamins, try different manufacturers.

When taking a complex of vitamins to increase potency in men, it is necessary to know exactly, compatible, whether vitamins among themselves. The incompatibility of the vitamins can lead to inefficiency of the whole treatment. Money to the wind! Not so much! What to do? You can determine for yourself the compatibility of vitamins? No? I wasn't good at chemistry. I'm going to the doctor for advice. The doctor – specialist and chemistry with biology knows, the exam. Just a doctor can advise you on what complex of vitamins to increase the potency exactly you need. And don't forget to inform the doctor about your chronic ulcers. Tell him about the medicines you are taking permanently, for example, if you are taking medications to reduce pressure. Or, for example, you will have at this point antibiotics. When the use of antibiotics intake of vitamins is strictly prohibited. Talk of "soul" with the doctor. Too tense, use "word of mouth" and find a smart expert. He tells you what to do.

And, can, no?!

May be the reason why you do not complex vitamins. May be the reason why your body needs in just one particular substance. Or for some reason you can't accept the whole complex. The reasons may be different. Let me give you an example. If you are suffering from, and suffers from chronically, some type of ringworm. For example, dermatitis. This means that you will be categorically unable to take vitamin C. it is this vitamin is in all, without exception, vitamin complexes to improve potency. What to do? Take vitamins! Just not in the premises.

Another example. Vitamin D, which is shown to increase male potency. Taking it all in myself is not worth it. Special attention should be paid to those men, in whom is diagnosed with osteoporosis, passionate about vegetarianism, those who abuse alcohol, for someone serious endocrine pathology. What about this example? It's not worth it to self-medicate, self-diagnose and prescribe medication. It can be dangerous and end badly. And it is necessary to be well turned out. You need to result! You go to the doctor, my advice to you.

increase potency

I hope our information will come in handy. To live a full life and be healthy!