Restore potency after 60 years: effective techniques

At any age, a man wants to stay coveted for their ladies. Restore potency after 60 years is the current issue for people of mature age. Over time, the character of the sexual life of men is changing. When this reach a decent age doesn't have to mean the end of sexual life, it must just move on to the next stage of its development. But before you wonder how to restore erectile function after 60 years, it is necessary to know the mechanism of the functioning of the genital organs and causes causing a decrease in potency.

treatment potency after 60

When sexual arousal is involved in the various systems of the body. The efficiency depends on the operation of the following systems:

  • The nerve endings;
  • The hormonal system;
  • Hematopoiesis;
  • Blood vessels;
  • The psychic system.

Male libido is directly dependent on the hormonal system. In the first place is underway the revitalization of the testosterone, which causes the hypothalamus to produce a nervous impulse. It activates on the penis a member of the nerve endings that irritate men's blood vessels. The walls of blood vessels become enlarged, blood flow is amplified, cavernous taurus phallus full, which causes an increase in the reproductive organ. At the moment of orgasm the prostate gland occurs the release of testosterone. Ejaculation represents the emission of the seminal fluid.

Important! It is possible to restore potency in men after 50 years? Yes, it's possible. To do this it is necessary to know what factors have an impact on the decline of erection.

The reasons leading to sexual dysfunction

After 45-50 years of age in a man's body is a series of changes, manifested in the masculine strength. External factors can also lead to a reduction in potency.

The internal reasons for the reduction in potency

  • Special kidneys. Reduced amount of sex hormones in men comes to 30 years. In this period the lack of testosterone is not noticeable, but in adulthood it is the lack brings significant discomfort – reduces libido, develop erectile dysfunction a problem with ejaculation.
  • Vascular system. In the years the blood vessels lose their elasticity and become weak, suginami ward. All of this leads to disruption of blood circulation – slower saturated fatty acids the penis and they are microscopic blood vessels.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system. The heart muscle is more with age than flabby. The heart begins to work with stopping. This is reflected in the circulation of the entire body and reproductive organ in particular.
  • Disorders of the genitourinary system – prostatitis, urethritis, and other pathological phenomena lead to weak potency.
  • The use of drugs, especially marijuana, alcohol leads to a reduction in potency.

Important! With age, often with other chronic diseases. So, before interested in the restoration of potency after 60 years, should perform a complete examination of the body.

External factors the deterioration of potency

The main external factor, which affects the male potency, is a professional activity men. A long stay in a sitting position leads to disruption of the trophic supply of the small pelvis – the blood circulation slows down, begins to lack of oxygen. Defective is the job of the testicles, prostate. Sedentary work leads to weight gain, which also adversely affects the male power. The fat interlayer squeezing the organs of the lesser pelvis, changing their location, which has a negative impact not only on the male ability, but also on the work of the whole organism.
Changes associated with the mental state of the men play an important role in sexual arousal. Problems in the family, stress at work, mental load reflected on the representative of the stronger sex. They become irritable. Reduces the sex drive, as a rare sexual intercourse have a negative effect on erection.
Recovery of erectile function after 60 years is associated with an active lifestyle of men. A large part of the patients does not play sports, do not do the exercises. With age the muscular skeleton of the patient begins to weaken, muscles become lethargic, appear sexual dysfunction. For the restoration of potency in men after 50-60 years it is necessary to lead an active life.
These are the main factors that lead to disturbances of the sexual life of men. Data pathology have certain symptoms, when they find out that it is necessary to turn to an expert. The doctor after conducting a survey explain how to restore the potency of 60 years, and if it is necessary to tell about how to restore the potency in 70 years.

Important! Most of the men my entire life involved to improve your sex life, and here is a tutorial on how to restore the potency after 60 years, it has become important for the representatives of adolescence. And rightly so, because he has reached a decent age, doesn't mean that it is sunset of the intimate life. She just entered into the next stage.


Diagnosis and therapy of the disease

Many people believe that the man behind the 60 and the potency is not compatible. This is a misleading claim. Erectile dysfunction in of the representatives of the stronger sex in adulthood can be revived, even without the help of Viagra and other drugs for restoring potency.
How to restore the potency in 65 years? The best way to avoid problems in this area, do not wait, when it's "bed rest" the question goes into the acute phase. Therefore, it is appropriate after fifty years undergo preventive examination once a year and all questions related to how to restore potency in men after 50 years will disappear of themselves.
At the first sign of the disease is necessary to turn to an expert. Your doctor will initially prescribe a diagnosis. For this you will need to undergo an ULTRASOUND examination and pass the exams.

  • For a start it is necessary to determine the presence and degree of changes in the blood of the bloodstream of the patient. If there are disturbances in the sexual glands, then the number of white blood cells does not exceed the permissible level. The data cells are responsible for cleansing the human body from the antibodies. If a patient all in the norm, then the number of white blood cells is the norm.
  • For the warehouse of the genitourinary system men spend an ultrasound. Using ULTRASOUND can detect inflammation or the affected zone. In the case that the detected changes, are appointed by another survey.
  • After 50 years significantly decreases the number of germ cells, changes the composition of seminal fluid. Spermogram will help to detect anomalies.
  • Stain, taken from the urinary channel is essential for the identification of bacteria, the presence of mold.

Recovery and treatment potency after 60 years

After confirmation of the diagnosis of each patient tormented by one thing, it is cured, whether it is this pathology and how to restore the potency in 50 years.
The attending physician selects an effective treatment, in which each point is important. Compliance with all the rules will allow in the future the men, not to worry it is relative, and how to restore the potency in 70 years?

  1. Therapy of chronic diseases with the use of the necessary products. If necessary, it is possible to resort to surgical intervention. Special attention should be paid to diseases of the endocrine system such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, and also liver disease, prostate cancer and atherosclerosis.
  2. It is necessary to follow a special diet, which is able to improve blood circulation not only in the pelvic organs, but also in the whole body of the patient. Normal blood circulation and reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood and enrich it trace elements, oxygen, vitamins and minerals. It is important to remember that proper nutrition promise of good health at any age.
  3. Exercise, in which must be involved the muscles of the small pelvis. Kegel exercises can be performed in home conditions without special training.
  4. Regular sexual life is one of the important factors for recovery of potency. But that doesn't mean that it must be three-four times a week, exactly according to plan. The main thing is that between an intimate proximity to any big breaks.
  5. Traditional medicine in the treatment of serious diseases and erectile dysfunction. Decoctions, tinctures can be prepared at home or bought in homeopathic pharmacies.

Important! No less than medical therapy, a positive effect in the treatment of gives a psychological support for the women. In this situation, a lot depends just from her.

Special diet for restoring erections
Treatment of the disease is possible only in the premises and adherence to the diet is one of the main factors for achieving positive results. Men are in adulthood less need carbohydrates and animal protein – this should be taken into account when drawing up the menu. Using these products can be well fastened erection:

  • Vegetables from the family cruciferous.
  • Nuts – walnuts, pistachios, brazil in combination with honey and dried fruit well increase the potency.
  • Legumes, cereals especially useful if you have diabetes.
  • Fresh berries, fruits-200 g a day.
  • Oily marine fish, enriched with omega-3.
  • Cheese and other dairy products.

It must be remembered that the eggs, sour cream, fatty meats men aged contraindicated.

Tablets for restoring potency
Restoration of potency in men after 50 years of medications often cause fear in patients. But the dosage and course of treatment should appoint only a doctor, I unacceptable.
Therapy carried medication, positively affect the condition of the blood vessels of the male organ. One course is of such a treatment is able to improve the overall condition of the body – synthesis of hormones, enzymes becomes better, and this means that erection is amplified.

  • Stimulators of metabolic processes of the organism.
  • Inhibitors are taken once daily before sexual intercourse.
  • In the diagnosis of endocrine disease prescribe medications to improve metabolism.
  • Hormonal drugs with testosterone in the form of patches, tablets, injections, ointments normalize the sexual function of patients.

In the event that sexual dysfunction occurred against the background of psychological problems, are antidepressants.

Important! Hormonal treatment require caution and precise dosing. Any violation can lead to severe consequences.

A good result showed, vitamin complex of group a, E, V, S, Dv

Folk medicine to restore potency

On the second place in popularity, after the treatment of medicines is a herbal medication, anti-inflammatory, stimulating and tranquil event. This method of treatment is carried out longer than the medical way and the result give more effective.

In particular, positively proven themselves in the restoration of erections following formulation:

  1. Ginseng tincture on alcohol improves hormonal background the body's metabolism. Appear endurance.
  2. It is not recycled by the bees, but collected by them, the pollen or ambrosia. It perfectly stimulates the male power.
  3. Sowing the seeds of hemp – an excellent increases testosterone production and spermatogenesis in men at the age of 60 years.
  4. A decoction of herbs dubrovnik ordinary has an immediate effect. An hour after ingestion, comes the principle of the erection.
  5. Special to go on a alcohol refers to the strong stimulants sexual function.

Physical burden for the recovery of erectile function after 60 years
A few exercises are able to favorably act on the potency. Many men think that exercise according to the system of Kegel are necessary to women only, that's not true. They are indispensable to all regardless of gender and age.
Representatives of the stronger sex, it is necessary also during urination to stop the process, tension and relaxation of muscles. This exercise must be done forty times three times a day.
In yoga has a section of the Kundalini. He is responsible for the sexual energy of men. Using the complex exercises can increase sexual appetite, boost energy. The posture of the butterfly and cobra a positive effect on sexual activity. The main thing is not to overdo it. Do everything gradually.

folk remedies

The list can be longer, but the above are the most effective methods of restoring potency. The main thing to remember – there is no need to pull of this delicate problem. Improvement of potency after 60 years is much harder than in men twenty years younger.