Increase potency in men: spray, soda, cream, gel, and other resources

Disorders in the sexual sphere for many men is the real problem. Desiring to preserve the health of the men, many have resorted to pharmacy drugs or folk remedies that increase potency. However, the increase potency in men should not run uncontrollably. We recommend that you visit a urologist or andrologist, who will determine the cause of this condition and advise you on the right solution. Increase potency should be aimed not only at normalization of sexual sphere, but also on the recovery of the whole organism, organs of the reproductive system.

increase potency

Characteristics of the manifesting problems

Violation of potency may be temporary, in such a case, the dysfunction takes a long time, can be constant if an erection lasts for a long time. Upon the occurrence of such a condition, it is important to start activities that allow you to establish sexual function in the male body.

Currently on the pharmacological market are present many means to increase potency in men, which are produced in different forms:

  • spray for increased potency;
  • cream to increase potency;
  • gel to increase potency;
  • tablets to improve male potency;
  • ointment;
  • drops;
  • spray;
  • vnutriuretralnami suppositories.

Most often applied to pills to improve the potency of in home conditions. A drug that is used topically, it has a less long-lasting effect. These tools apply easily, are placed directly on the sex organ of a man. Thanks to the active substances, gels, creams or ointments, celebrating an increase in sexual function, and its duration.

In addition to using medication, use exercise to increase the potency of massages to enhance erection, vacuum pump, folk methods (for example, baking soda to increase potency, herbs).

Means to increase potency in men

Drugs are effective, acts quickly, to retain the effect for a long time. For example, drugs to improve erections have a minimum of side action. Drugs local action applied to the sexual organ for 5 minutes, to the intimate proximity. How to get the maximum effect from the use of these drugs, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions for use.

Gels are also often used to enhance sexual function. These drugs contain in their composition of the active products, due to which it becomes active the blood supply to the sexual organ, immediately after its processing. Other active ingredients are vitamin substances, predominantly of the group, hood guarana, extracts of cardamom. Thanks to the plant components, leads to the stimulation of the muscular system, increase physical activity, a positive effect on the immune system.

It is also possible to buy spray for potency in men.

Spray in increase erections are the most effective, because it not only returns the matching level of erections, but also increase the sexual pleasure, prolong sexual intercourse. Their effect lies in the fact that the active products of the spray cause a strong rush of blood to the bodies of men. Must master not only the member's area, but also the surrounding land. This tool can be used in parallel with the barrier contraceptives. In its composition also contains pheromones. Handle the sex organs of the spray should be for 5 minutes, to the intimate proximity.

Drops increasing erection, are some of the most popular. These funds are also a positive influence on the qualitative and quantitative indicators of semen, increase libido, create pressure, oxygen saturation of the tissue, to restore the microcirculation of blood in the section of the penis. Men's drops are used orally, it is necessary to drip on the surface of the tongue. Duration of the course application is equal to two weeks. If you strictly adhere to the instructions for use, the effect of the treatment persists for a period of six months. These drugs are suitable, because they have a liquid structure.

ointments for a member of the

Ointments have a local effect, it is applied directly before intercourse. When using this tool it is not necessary to additionally apply a lubricant, an erection rises, there has been an increase in the average length of the intimate proximity. In the composition of these funds are contained natural products and also oils of plant origin, which have a stimulating effect. These ointments also have a bactericidal and antiseptic effect on the mucous membranes of the genital organs of both partners.

The use of folk remedies

There is also a large number of effective folk methods, which help men in the sexual sphere. For these purposes, used baking soda, herbs, natural products, thanks to which increases the potency. Application soda helps to prolong sexual intercourse. Nutritional soda used both for domestic use, so that on its basis ointment. Treatment of food and soda for erectile dysfunction is used for a very long time. Consumption of prepared drugs should be done twice a day.

The use of folk methods includes the following recipes:

  • a glass of red wine mix with a teaspoon of seeds of clover. Cook porridge on low heat, to further put to cool. Eat small SIPS. This tool of folk medicine is the most powerful aphrodisiac;
  • half a cup of steep the boiling water, mix with pieces of the root part of the calamus. Whoever insists for a period of 60 minutes, then strain through a gauze or a fine sieve;
  • a glass of boiled water mixed with a teaspoon of the herb st. john's wort, let the infusion until complete cool-down;
  • mix half a cup of port wine with a tablespoon of herbs of nettle, boil a few minutes, eat twice a day on an empty stomach;
  • treatment folk methods involves the use of not only herbs, but also from the green tea. Mix the three jigger of vodka with a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of green tea. All the ingredients mix thoroughly.

Men's sexual function is also restored with the help of ointments on the basis of which is the grass Lanka. Such products should be stored in the refrigerator. For the preparation of ointments, it is necessary to mix the dry ingredients with a tablespoon of alcohol, let it on for 3-4 hours. Then, what to add into the porridge 10 tablespoons of interior fat. Apply the drug twice daily, course of treatment is not less than 10 days. Also in the composition of ointments can log in baking soda, but baking soda is not used in the presence of wounds or ulcers on the surface of the penis, because she's irritating.

How to build sexual function natural ways how to

In addition to the use of medicinal products, or folk methods, not to mention the prostate massage. It can be carried out both in the environment of a specialized medical facility, and at home.

folk remedies

A very important link in the restoration of male sexual function is a balanced diet. In the menu should be present all the necessary vitamins and minerals which help to fight with low potency. The right are zinc, selenium, tocopherol, vitamins b, ascorbic acid. It is very important to a day to consume the daily norm of these substances. It is recommended to pay attention to the following products: fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, fish products, seafood. In these products contained the daily dose of vitamins and trace elements, which help a person in his reproductive and erectile function.

There is also a special set of exercises that help to establish the microcirculation of the blood fluids in the organs of small pelvis, to train the muscle apparatus. Exercises to perform in the lee, but already a few weeks later will see the first results. Simply enough to compress and decompress the muscles in the region of the anus, strain and relax the muscular apparatus of the groin and genital organs. By these methods it is possible to strengthen men's sexual health, to restore male power.

No less important indicator is the presence of excess weight. In the presence of obesity reduces the concentration and the production of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for potency. At the same time leads to an increase in estrogen levels, which negatively affects the erection.

It is important to pay attention to smoking and the consumption of various beverages. These substances are the enemies of men's health make men incapable for sexual intercourse. It is therefore recommended, to remove bad habits from your life.
Aggravates the erection of a permanent sedentary life. In the pelvic organs occurs stagnation of blood and lymphatic circulation is disturbed the blood flow to the penis organ. Therefore, it is very important to do the exercises every hour, perform Kegel exercises, engage in sports workouts.

Often erectile dysfunction develops as a result of strong emotional surges, the location of the long-lasting stressful situation. It is advisable to visit a psychologist who will teach you to cope with emotions and to overcome stress. It is important a full, healthy sleep. You need to sleep at least eight hours a day, it is important for the entire body overall, and for sexual function, in particular.

The use of special equipment

To increase potency in men the most effective is the combination of the use of the drug and the mechanical action. Enhance erections, restore blood circulation, strengthening the muscles will help vacuum pump for massage. Exercise should be regular and consistent, perform daily and strictly to the instructions. Treatment vacuum the glory of the supports enhance the elasticity of vessel walls.

Vacuum pumps have their advantages, which include:

  1. The removal of the violations of erectile function. With regular use of the pump can be achieved to increase the sexual organ, on average, to stimulate an erection in the process of sexual intercourse, increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  2. Extension of the intimacy. Such an effect is possible to achieve due to a decrease in tissue sensitivity in the sexual organ under the influence of the pump, which prolongs the intercourse and delay the moment of ejaculation. The use of pumps to achieve this effect should occur directly in front of the intimate proximity.
  3. Straightening of the body. In the presence of such problems, as is the twisted member, the pump helps to keep it in the normal position.
  4. Increase the length and girth of the organ due to stimulation of the muscular system and the smooth muscles.

While systematic use of this device can significantly increase the microcirculation of blood fluid into the cavernous bodies of the penis provide blood flow and capillaries, which amplifies the susceptibility of his head. The use of this device is a wonderful method of prevention of the various disorders and pathologies in organs of the reproductive system, which may have an adverse effect on the sexual sphere of men.

Systematic exercise removes stagnation in the arteries and capillaries. If you bought such a device, follow the instructions in the instructions for use. Some pumps have a vibrating function. In the selection of aggregate is recommended to pay attention to the device, which is as close as possible to the penis authorities of particular men, and also on those models equipped with the erectile ring, which ensures maximum girth of the organ. Usually in the file pump is included lubricant, so there is no need to use additional lubricant during sex. If the fat is missing, it is recommended to use olive oil.

Another method to increase erectile function, and the saturation of the body the sexual energy is to wear a special bracelet, in which the composition contains crystals of tourmaline. This natural mineral has the ability of absorption of the negative of microwaves, which can cause stress and disorder, the negative impact on male health, including sexual.

harmful foods

Regardless of the method chosen treatment, it is recommended to pre-consult with a specialist. Maybe they will need to undergo treatment for medical means, in the presence of a particular disease.