Increase potency in men after 40 years: causes, symptoms, prevention

With age the libido decreases. Increase potency in men after 40 isn't always necessary, but the bulk of the patients dr. – 35-45 years old. It is possible to use a large number of methods of treatment of sexual dysfunction.

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What is impotence

Violation of the brain or of the microcirculation of blood to the genital organs in men — a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Impotence after 40 years – it is the lack of reaction of the sexual organ to external sexual stimuli or masturbation.

Erection – a complex physiological and chemical process. The Penis swells, acquires a hardness and increases in size at the expense of the inflow of arterial blood, which fills the cavity of the cavernous body.

Without sexual arousal, sexual intercourse is not possible. The level of potency of effect on the psychological state of man and the dysfunction can become a cause of depression. Physiologically, impotence associated with the violation of blood circulation and the work of the brain.

The dependence of male potency age

Please note! According to statistics from the sluggish potency suffers every 10-th person on the planet.

In the rare cases of sexual impotence appear at a young age, due to hereditary diseases or hormonal disorders.

Become familiar with risk factors for the development of deviations according to the age of the patient can be in the table.

Age group The reason for the deviations
Young people from 20 to 40 years old Pathology in men may develop due to hormonal disorders, problems with the thyroid gland. Efficiency is reduced due to the lack of testosterone in the blood. Often, impotence is a provocative psychological factor, the inexperience of the man, or fear of a likely pregnancy women.
Men from 40 to 60 years old A common cause of inadequate erection – a bad way of life. Alcohol abuse, smoking, unbalanced diet violate the work of the genitourinary system. Overweight, low levels of androgens, psychological disorders provoke weakness of the penis.
Seniors from 60 years Already 30% of the male population to 70 years lose all interest in sexual joy. This is due to the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other aggravating factors. Suffering from problems with potency in patients with hypertension.

Impotence 40 years for men requires a complex treatment. In disorders of the work of the endocrine system showing the hormonal drugs, alpha-adrenoblockers – a in arterial hypertension. Inhibitors of PDE-5 will remove only the main symptom.

The therapeutic course of medicines prescribe by a doctor. Do not engage the self-heal, these experiments may end in fatal consequences.

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Causes of impotence and risk factors

Not to say that age – it's cause for reflection about the use of drugs.

Potency in men to 40 years, can be better than a young guy.

But preventive measures must be taken, so you don't have to suffer from embarrassment in bed.

Causes of problems with potency, 40 years:

  1. Hormonal failure. Due to improper functioning of the endocrine system and testosterone deficiency may develop lethargy of the member. Ongoing disease process as a result of diabetes, dysfunction of the adrenal or thyroid glands.
  2. Cardio-vascular disease. The older a person becomes, the greater is the level of cholesterol in the blood. Accumulated toxins affect the work of the heart muscle, worn out walls of blood vessels, which raises a number of dangerous diseases: myocardial infarction, stroke or coronary artery disease.
  3. Chronic forms of diseases of the genitourinary system. Due to the inflammatory process, what is happening in the prostate gland develops prostatitis, benign hyperplasia of the prostate. Cause impotence can sexually transmitted diseases and infections, transmitted sexually.

It is important in the detection of symptoms of sexually transmitted DISEASES or other pathologies of the immediately eliminate the problem. Running the form of urethritis, gonorrhea or chlamydia do erectile dysfunction irreversible.

Symptoms of impotence in men under 40 years do not differ from the symptoms in 20. Observed lethargy member, the morning erection is absent, attempts at sexual arousal do not bring a result, masturbation is not connected to the hardness of the penis.

If the cases of brittle violations frequent, then you need to see a doctor. Impotence is treatable in the early stages of development. There is an aggravating risk factors, which provoke the development of sexual impotence:

  • Dependence on alcohol.
  • Longer smoking.
  • A passive lifestyle.
  • An unbalanced diet.
  • A steady intake of potent drugs.
  • The absence of constant sexual partner.

The first symptoms of impotence in men under 40 years old will be mild. Should review your diet, lead a more active lifestyle – it will be enough, if erections no in the right moment just once.

Treatment of impotence

First, men should seek medical help. Make need appointment for urologist. The experts will conduct a complete examination to determine the cause of the pathology.

A single examination will be sufficient, will need to successfully pass the tests, do an ULTRASOUND of the pelvic organs.

Erectile dysfunction – the problem is very sensitive in nature. Men often not in a hurry to inform about the disease your doctor. However, it is necessary to dare and to say, to weakness of genital organs, to faster to stop impotence.

The course of treatment is weak potency is relatively long, contains a modification of food, the use of sexual stimulants and Supplements.


Patients with a history of chronic disease, they must follow the appropriate therapy.


There are several groups of tools that help. The decline of potency after 40, it can occur as a result of cardiovascular, psychological and other diseases. A full recovery will only come when the use of complex drugs.

Between them they issue are:

  1. Inhibitors PDE-5. This pharmacological group of drugs fast acting. The effect occurs over 20-40 minutes after taking the pill.
  2. Psychotropic substances. Antidepressants and sedatives is necessary in that case, if the individual occurred to the psychological deviations. Sometimes the use of these austerity measures is necessary without the patient's consent.
  3. Injections into the penis. The injection solution is injected directly into the area of the spacious maze of the body.
  4. Herbal supplements. The effectiveness of dietary Supplements is not proven by science, but the results of wearing felt many men. Drugs have in the composition of the substances are of natural origin, that is the vehicle is safe for use.

Lod therapy

Modern methods of treatment of impotence after 40 years, inflammation of the prostate and even the way how to increase the penis. Under the influence of vacuum penis is filled with arterial blood, becomes hard and increases in size.

It is shown from the 15 sessions. Replace the rehabilitation procedure is possible on other vacuum handling. In sale there are special pumps, which have a similar effect, it is allowed to use in domestic conditions.

The mechanical effect on the sexual organ can cause the rupture of the tissue, and deformation of penis.

Other methods

Folk remedies are also used, in order of potency after 40 was at the highest level. Herbal decoctions, tinctures and other marc featured as a complementary therapy for the treatment of impotence. Popular tincture of ginseng, chinese lemongrass, garlic and parsley.

Surgery is the last option when all the above means do not help. In the penis introduced special implants that support an erection. Normal potency in men after 40 will recover, and they are also fixed problems with urination.


Preventive measures impotence in forty years of man – it is mandatory further treatment.

Please note! Sometimes the observance of certain rules is enough to return a man's strength.

The sooner you change your life, the longer in bed you will miss problems.

Pick up a separate diet and help normalize the lifestyle of the treating physician. Even without specific symptoms it is necessary to visit a specialist for a complete examination at least 1 time per year. Connect with the adjustment of life style:

  • Give up food fast cooking, the selection of fast meals, salty and fried foods.
  • Increase physical activity, moderate sports load and walks in the fresh air.
  • Psychological stability, elimination of depression and stress.
  • Refusal of bad habits, especially long.
  • Regular sexual life with a regular partner.
  • Intake of vitamins in natural or synthetic form (in the autumn-winter period).
  • Regular visits andrologist, urologist, and proctologist.


Forewarned – means armed. Prevention – the best way to prevention of a decrease in potency after 40 years. Male power also gives peace of mind in a relationship, love and understanding partners. In such a case, in my pants everything will be fine.