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The ability to engage with a woman sexual intercourse – it is not just a physiological function. For many men it is accompanied by serious psychological burden, is a testament to their manliness, confidence in themselves and in their abilities. With the age of the sexual function of the male body is weakening. How to increase the potency after 50 years, that, in addition to the medication, contributes to the enhancement poor erection, how to comprehensively solve this problem once and for all?

increase potency after 50

What is the potency

In translation from Latin the word "potency" means "power". The desire and opportunity to commit a sexual act with a woman, expressed as an erection of the penis in healthy men maintained until the end of life and plays a decisive psychological significance. What determines male libido, as on the potency of the effect of health problems, it is possible to lead a sexual life, at the age of 60-70 years?

Men older children are much more often faced with a necessity to increase potency, than young men, young or middle-aged. The age of greatest sexual activity of men account for between 20 and 50 years, then the desire gradually decreases. On the mechanism of occurrence and longer maintain erection is affected by several factors, chief among them – the psychological and hormonal. Putting these factors to standard allows you to affect erectile function and increase potency no matter how many man years.

Potency in men up to 50 years

In adulthood in a man's body there are a number of hormonal changes. The decline in potency after 50 years may be associated with reduced production of the hormone testosterone, because the percentage of its content in the blood, has a direct effect on the sex drive of men. About possible problems evidenced by the following violations:

  • reduction or complete loss of sexual desire, interest to women;
  • slowly erection;
  • attenuation or disappearance of erection during intercourse;
  • the reduction of the duration of sexual intercourse, or the inability to complete intercourse with ejaculation.

The reasons for reduced potency in adulthood

To take action, and increase the potency in the age of after fifty years, it is necessary to understand, that a particularly acute impact on its reduction. The basic factors can be divided into two large groups – psychological and physiological. Psychological include:

  • Stress, heavy mental work, chronic fatigue.
  • The complexity in the relationship with his beloved wife: the lack of mental heat.
  • The uncertainty in yourself when communicating with the opposite sex.
  • Longer abstinence.

The root of the illness so she could be hiding in the physiological causes – the risk of impotence increases the number of the following diseases:

  • cardio-vascular disease, heart failure, or circulatory system;
  • inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system;
  • diseases of the brain and spinal cord;
  • lesions of the nervous system;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity.

A significant impact on the ability of the penis to a healthy and full-fledged erection have bad habits, lead to unhealthy lifestyles:

  • Smoking has a negative impact on the condition of the vessels – the blood circulation in the pelvic area and directly into the penis, the organ can be disturbed.
  • The decay products of ethanol after ingestion of alcoholic beverages greatly reduce the level of production of sex hormones, slows the release of testosterone into the bloodstream.
  • Narcotic substances reduce testosterone levels and may induce gene mutations.

The wrong mode of eating, which leads to significant weight gain and then to obesity, which leads to serious disruption of the hormonal balance – excess fat "preprogramming" work of the endocrine system. Small doses of testosterone, produced by the prostate gland, are converted to estrogen. Lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, low energy tone, the decline of interest towards life in general often leads to the fact that it is necessary to restore erections in men after 50 years.

How to increase the potency after 50

The general recommendation of doctors is reduced to the next – move more, start exercising, watch out for the power, do not let the recruitment of excess weight, give up bad habits, or bring smoking and drinking alcohol to a minimum. Try calmer relate to environmental disturbances, including difficulties with potency, especially in terms of full sexual dysfunction – modern medicine can help in the fight with impotence, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, the quality of the sensations in the process of sex.

Remedies for impotence

Problems with erection in 50 years are beginning to have many men. No need to succumb to despair and panic, to become an ascetic or a defective man because of the complications – there are a number of methods and tools to help cope with this problem. Visit a urologist and sexologist, in order to reveal the reasons of poor or irregular erection, get consultation on treatment options. To help you come:

  • medication in the form of capsules and ointments;
  • folk remedies;
  • medicinal plants and herbs;
  • method of psychotherapy;
  • special exercises;
  • surgical methods of correction.

Modern pharmaceuticals offers men a variety of drugs with a pronounced androgenic effects, due to which there is achieved improvement in erections in men after 50. This is such a medication:

  • ruler phosphodiesterase;
  • activators of the enzyme synthase;
  • alfa-adrenoblockers.

Take the medication the first group without prescription is not necessary – they have a number of serious contraindications, and drink is only possible after a survey of the state of the cardiovascular system. Different all three groups of mechanism and duration of action. Even if they have a quick effect in the bad weak erections, intake of these drugs is not contributing to the solution of the essence of the problem of low potency, and may in some cases aggravate the difficulty – arises from psychological dependence, a deep conviction that without pills it won't work.

Increase potency naturally

If a man has weak erection after 50, there is a high probability that they will be able to increase libido is the natural way – with the help of natural aphrodisiacs, strong positive emotions, new love. Doctors recommend, to engage in half-measures, and fight with the causes of weak potency – improving the quality of sexual life and relations with partner, switch to an active lifestyle, monitor blood pressure, nutritional and hormonal background.

Kegel Exercises

One of the most effective natural ways to increase erection after 50 years is the regular carrying out of Kegel exercises. Its essence boils down to the training of the pubic-coccygeal muscles of the pelvic floor by its alternate contraction and relaxation. This exercise shows both men and women – helps to increase male potency, enhance libido and sexual sensation, prolong sexual intercourse for a period of any length. It is possible in each moment to improve you will notice after 2-3 weeks of regular exercise.

exercises to increase potency

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies and natural pathogens can be no less effective way to increase the potency and increase the sexual appetite. Improving a bad erection you the following products, if you regularly eat:

  • honey-nut mixture;
  • a number of for example seafood, some kinds of shellfish and oysters;
  • celery;
  • pine nuts;
  • citrus fruits – oranges, grapefruits;
  • avocado;
  • spices – cinnamon, vanilla, saffron;
  • foods with a high content of zinc and vitamin Ie.


To increase potency using decoction of medicinal herbs – a method to which they resorted our great-grandparents, was the development in these days. Optional personally cook herbal collection – buy herbs for male power, you can at any pharmacy. To prepare a decoction for strengthening of potency in the home conditions is very simple – pour the boiling water a tablespoon of the dry mixture and leave for 2 hrs don't expect immediate results – herbal treatment for increase potency, it takes a longer period of time, the first results you will notice after a few weeks.

How do you keep the power up into ripe old age

Weak potency to 50 years should not be the reason for the malfunction, and the reason for the emergence of the desire to the maximum permanently extend their youth, including sexual. To increase potency at any age, it is important to live a maximum of a full life, enjoy socializing with women, get pleasure from everything you do. Mechanics gain an erection is understandable, but by itself it's nothing you will not bring – it is necessary to learn to accept a qualitatively different feelings of life, after 50 years it is quite possible, after all, it is not surprising that in this time called sometimes the second youth.

Potency in adulthood

Every man wants to and at an advanced age, feel full of strength and sexual energy. However, despite this pressure on a subconscious level, we still believe that after 50-60 years comes age, and with the sexual side of life will have to say goodbye. We are sure that the health of men after 50 years, the potency of which I'm sure leaves a lot to be desired, inexorably declining. But is it true?

Never think templates! Be sure that your potency will remain with you and on the slope of years, maintain in itself is an amazing feeling of health and vigor, so characteristic of young people. And of course... follow the below tips. We will discuss all of the ways to increase potency, which are practicing doctors.

Why decreases potency in men after 50 years?

Factors there is very many and remove them all, unfortunately, do not always succeed. Doctors there are external and internal causes that reduce libido. These causes lead to the deterioration of the metabolism. Due to the potency in men after 50 years of rapidly declining.

External causes of reduced potency

A sedentary way of life. If you have a sedentary occupation, and you are forced to spend most of your working day in a chair, there is nothing surprising in the fact, that he soon disturbed blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Poor blood circulation causes a lack of oxygen and the deterioration of the activity of prostate and testicular cancer. And increase potency in men after 50 years – it is more embarrassing than its decline.

The alcohol and smoking. Probably here are the comments unnecessary, because everyone knows how fatal for the male power of nicotine and alcohol. And if nicotine acts slowly, is alcohol, assuming their abuse, is able to cause damage to your men's health are very fast.

Physical inactivity also becomes the cause of excess weight, which presses on the organs of the genitourinary system and flushes them. As a result, in addition to potency, suffering and overall health.

folk remedies

Stress. "All diseases are from nerves" — and it is really so. Constant stress and mental stress a negative effect on the internal organs and the condition of the back. Due to a change of psychological state in men disappears the desire to have sex, and rare sexual intercourse is not saving the situation. In the result of disturbed blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Muscle skeleton. With age it loses strength, giving place to weakness of the muscles, and as a result, sexual insolvency. It is important to lead an active lifestyle, do physical exercises.

The internal reasons for the reduction in potency

To the internal reasons for the decline of potency include problems with organs and systems of the body. In the first place these include inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, which many found even in youth, but do not receive adequate treatment, because they occur in the chronic form. The prostate eventually starts a very damaging effect on such a fragile happiness, like potency. In men after 50 years to treat more difficult, than at a young age.

In addition, men worried about an increase in pressure, hormonal disruptions, impaired metabolism. The last often becomes the result of diabetes. Diabetes causes a variety of complications, among which include the reduction of testosterone levels. In this case, it is necessary to turn to an experienced endocrinologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Attention! State the cause of the violation of potency may hernia of the spine.

Sure, if you've found yourself decreased sexual function, consult your doctor and adjust the cause. It will help you much faster return to an active sex life.

How to improve potency? Tips doctor

Remember a few simple rules that must be followed.

  1. Move more and more there are in the fresh air. Doctors advise to choose the outdoor sports, which are able to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  2. They smoke less, and, if possible, even give up this self-destructive addiction.
  3. Do not overuse alcohol. It reduces the testosterone.
  4. Watch your weight.
  5. Do not increase the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.
  6. Don't take anabolics. They are able to lead to impotence even at a young age.
  7. Avoid the stress. You cannot hide from stress – but you can learn to break away from them.

In response to these items, you will maintain testosterone at the right level, and the problem of reducing the potency will not affect you.