Treatment of potency in men: not only the effective ways to

The desire and the ability to carry out sexual intercourse – to ensure the continuation of the human species. Therefore men it is important to be in good sexual shape and love your partner, as it is strong in the sexual sphere a person usually has a strong family and good earnings. In fact, for some men, weak potency.

treatment potency

Problems with potency occur in the age of the men, but sometimes even at a young age. As men, cannot bring pleasure their partner in bed. And a woman, as a rule, will not remain with someone with whom it is not satisfied sexual life.

If a man has poor potency, plagued by such feelings as fear, insecurity in yourself, a feeling of inferiority with consequent nervous exhaustion. Consider other methods of treatment of potency in men, as regards their efficacy and safety for health.

The treatment of male impotence is possible when the impact of several parties:

  1. With the help of doctors.
  2. Using proper nutrition.
  3. By normalize the lifestyle.

According to statistics, only 10% of men with impotence are turning to doctors. But often only the doctor is able to discover the cause of impotence, to normalize the sexual function of men.

We turn to doctors

The first thing you need to do in the decline or disappearance of efficiency, – to contact the doctor and start proper treatment. The problem should address the physician self-treatment can only hurt. If you trust your gp, it is possible to turn to him. The doctor assesses the situation in the area, takes into account the presence of chronic diseases. If there is a need for consultation of other experts, attending physician to them. Doctors for advice may be an endocrinologist, sexuologovi, a psychotherapist.

Often there is a need for a doctor urologist. He can reveal problems, give the diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction", to help her heal. After the determination of the exact diagnosis it is possible to proceed to treatment. If you have problems with the cardiovascular system, offered a reason for the decline of potency, it is necessary to consult with a cardiologist. Only a doctor can correctly adjust the treatment, because some drugs are able to adversely affect on the potency.

Widely around the globe use synthetic drugs to improve sexual function and treat impotence. They are able to heal and restore potency in 80% of cases. They also had a designated doctor, because in one case you cure impotence, can bring about further problems. For some men it is more effective to find themselves drugs of plant origin. Also can not be taken separately, prescribe is doctor must.

Useful elements

If in men, weak potency, it is necessary to take vitamins, contributes to effective treatment. Firstly, it is vitamin E, which has the ability to protect the sex cells. This vitamin helps the inflow of blood into the blood vessels of the penis. Another important vitamin is vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant and immunomodulator. It protects the body from infections.

Important elements in the treatment of male potency are selenium and zinc. It is possible to receive the useful substances in the vitamin-mineral complexes, can be of food.

Zinc and selenium in large amounts is contained in foods such as pumpkin seeds, currants. Some products are an aphrodisiac, which can increase desire in both men and women. Official medicine is not recognised as a solution to the problem of men, whose weak potency. But in ordinary life well show your activity.

Useful products are considered to be a banana, celery, asparagus, ginger. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, so that they contribute to increase sexual energy in men. A powerful aphrodisiac is considered to be the root of ginseng. Weak potency is amplified when it is taken beverages on its basis. Ginseng is used to increase sexual arousal. It is believed that he is able to increase the amount of sex cells in men. The same features also have other spicy foods such as curry, chilli.


No small importance is the style of life of men. Without establishing this area the treatment will be ineffective. Sometimes enough to throw the bad habits, shed the excess weight and to lose weight. If men of a sedentary and inactive work, it helps to reduce the blood supply to the pelvic organs, as a result – a weak potency. Therefore, it is necessary to move more. Just after work, walk 15-20 minutes on foot.

proper nutrition

Today's pace of life leads each person to overload the nervous system. The load stress contribute to the reduction of male potency. And do a more active lifestyle is unlikely to return men sexual power. Stress can not only reduce the sexual function, but also help increase the pressure, the development of stroke, heart attack. If you cannot handle the emotional-mental strain, seek treatment with a therapist. The doctor finds the essence of the problem and help you to cope with it.

Pay special attention to prevention. The problem of reducing the potency easier to prevent than to treat. Get enough sleep, keep moving lifestyle, correctly to eat, avoid alcohol, smoking. Then manly force will be healthy.