How to increase the potency of - ways

As is known, the building of harmonious relationships between members of the male and the female sex, relying, inter alia, and on a regular intimate life. For men in all times it was important to show off your skills at a sufficient level. In this case, no debacle in the bed is able for many has become a personal tragedy on a world scale.

how to improve the potency

On this subject there is certainly a lot of scientific research and number of publications. In a broader sense, the term "potency" means in translation from Latin the power, the ability to. The implicit use of force in the application character. On the basis of the above in this understanding is the strength, or potency, will mean the physical ability to participate in the sexual act.

In the area of sexual mating potency expressed in creating and maintaining tension in the penis that will be associated with the erection and subsequent ejaculation, it is the process of ejaculation. Unlike the male body, this concept is not inherent to the female genital organs. On the other hand, a person can maintain normal potency long period of his life. Is it inherent biological bases, and a violation of this process is rather associated with a detrimental effect on the environment and way of contemporary life.

Unfortunately, it just so happens that on the potency of the current men has affected many of the criteria.

Among such, which can lead to sexual disorders, one can highlight the following:

  • the presence of stress and conflict;
  • commitment harmful habits;
  • chronic physical fatigue;
  • reasons of a psychological nature, and more.

The lack of long time sexual contact can also lead to disorders associated with android potency. In particular, it can have harmful effects in men of older age. Athletes, especially bodybuilders, who want to get a beautiful torso and improve your indicators for weightlifting. Often turns to the use of steroid drugs. The result will be almost always the serious impairment of the ability to pursue sexual intercourse.

In order to understand what is the solution to this problem, to increase effectiveness, we must not forget that the level of male power has influenced the way of life and the presence of chronic diseases. Advancing disease sexually transmitted parties may significantly reduce the sexual libido. In cases of high emotional excitement produces an increased amount of testosterone, due to which a man may have a maximum level of efficiency.

What can be the causes of reduced potency? Diseases of the cardiovascular system, overweight, diabetes can become a cause of sexual disorders. And for most men is the problem in fact lies in the weakening of the body, which is a consequence of the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, stress and a sedentary lifestyle. First things first, to increase the possibilities of your body in the sexual sphere, it is necessary to change the way of life. Sports activities should become a regular companion of the men. Here it is possible to lead the speech as on the usual charge, so the pursuit in the gym, the pool, or as a minimum, the Jogging.

With regard to bad habits, and with the aim of increasing the effectiveness, if not completely deal with it, it is necessary to at least minimize the intake of alcohol and cigarettes. Exhaustion can also be the cause of sexual dysfunction. If you already a few months did not have a holiday, then it is necessary to try to ensure at least a few days of rest. After all, vacation is a source not only recover, but also more space for the new bright impressions.

Products that the potency in men

It is now necessary to examine in detail the question of what foods increase the potency. The simplest means will be, perhaps, a natural coffee. However, this is one Cup of pudding drinks. All subsequent outweighs the positive impact of the first.

Many foods have properties aphrodisiacs, i.e., they are able to increase the sexual appetite. But if we talk about the potency, i.e. to ensure normal blood flow in the area of the male sexual organ, then, indeed, believed that the correct diet is capable of doing miracles.

ways to improve the potency
  1. So, first of all, it's kinds of seafood. The reason for this is the fact that seafood rich in zinc, and this, in turn, is an essential element for the formation of potency. In them, as in meat or eggs contains a significant amount of protein, the use of which in foodstuffs is also required.
  2. Vegetables, fruit and herbs – a natural source of replenishment of the vital forces of the organism. Salads, stuffed with oil, they contain significant amounts of vitamins. Celery and parsley are excellent stimulant potency. Regular ingestion of large quantities of vegetables, such as garlic, carrots, turnips, onions, beets, beans, eggplant, and sweet and hot peppers is able to have a beneficial effect on the solution to the problem.
  3. Daily consumption of red meat with plenty of green space. In addition, it has a positive effect on the potency of intake of 2-x glasses of tomato juice and a small amount of dry wine.
  4. Finally, nuts have traditionally been considered a strong stimulant of male power. Suitable walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds. Intake of nuts must be dosed for the individual who suffers from overweight.

Some traditional folk instruments are used for strengthening of potency as the supplements. So, for example, very useful will be the relaxing bath before sleep. For the adoption of such a bath it is necessary to cooking the bay leaf or the color of the chamomile, and the resulting infusion is poured into the hot water. The procedure should be carried out in the duration of up to half an hour.

Folk remedy to enhance potency

Interesting way how to increase the effectiveness of domestic remedies will be the following: preparing a potion on the basis of tincture of ginseng, or a kind of complex plants, such as Eleutherococcus. The scheme of use is the following: to half a cup of water in the first day of the drip 1 drop of tincture, which is necessary to stir and drink. In each of the following day adds exactly 1 drop. The entire course as a whole will take 28 days.

Aromatherapy, yoga and exercises to strengthen the potency will be useful for men of any age.

Of exercises perfectly suited for the following:

  • squats. Strengthen the potency of squats of any kind, in particular you can try squats at your fingertips, of course, if it allows the physical form;
  • another good exercise. Lie on a horizontal surface, hands pull along the trunk. Bend the knees and in this position the raise/reduce the pan to a small height;
  • climb in a standing position with the heel of the sock;
  • sitting on a chair, stretch the muscles of the anus, imagine that on a chair lies a meal and as vacuuming, there is a need to absorb themselves into fifth place. In this position, well tighten the groin muscles. The same exercise can be performed lying down in the tub.

Known restorative practices in a given area, how to improve potency, are considered to be contrast baths. So, for organizing this event will take 20-30 minutes, and the corresponding mood. It is necessary to take two containers, for example, two pans: one is filled with warm, the other cold water. Alternately you need to omit the bottom part of your hull first on one pan, then in another. Soaking time is approximately one minute. To this must be 5-6 times. It is not recommended to this exercise for the presence of inflammatory processes.

Hot baths with mummy well increase the tone of the body, including the level of potency. For a bathroom need, is water at a temperature of about 37 degrees, which is necessary to dissolve crushed a mummy in an amount of 10 grams. During the three weeks, with a frequency across the day, such a bath they take lasting over half an hour in one go.

The so-called, the Georgian way to increase the efficiency and is suitable for those who already have some experience hardening. For this purpose take half a kilo of crushed ice and wrapped it in several layers of gauze. Obtained com you need to use to different parts of the body: in a minute hold at the neck, then a minute in the region of the heart, and at the same time connect to the scrotum. The procedure can be repeated up to 5 times per day, but not recommended for people who have inflammatory disease.

Worthy of attention, is a technique used in processes of preparation of astronauts, in terms of in-depth learning the ability to feel your own body. Speech goes about such a procedure, as a dream-filled bathtub. The procedure has many positive reviews. To do this it is necessary to dial about three-quarters of the water in the bathroom, roughly room temperature. Also features hot water, a fat, a small trickle. It is essential that the water is colder, and thus ceased to be comfortable for the body. In addition, it is necessary to take measures not to be flooded with water, if you manage to fall asleep. Then you need to turn off the top light (it is possible to leave a lighted candle), close your eyes and try to fall into sleep.


In today's world every adult person, it is understandable that the potency is not the only way to the continuation of the species. While it brought pleasure to a woman has deep psychological and emotional roots. Regular sex life is possible only when the normal level of potency. Again, such a life makes a man more confident in his own abilities, and the vital force of his body increases repeatedly.