Sexual arousal in men: how to understand, that the partner excited

Sexual relations are an important part of the life of a healthy man. Sexual arousal in men can occur under the influence of various factors: the appearance of a woman, the erotic touches of memories of the last near. Sexual response the stronger sex is the physiological and emotional disorders, which must eventually trigger an orgasm.

excitement men

Signs of arousal in men

Sexual excitement – this is a reaction of the human body to sexual stimulation. Its strength and duration is dependent on the hormonal background, well-being, anthropological characteristics (height, hair color).

Arises the desire for its manifestations resembles stress:

  • becomes more frequent rhythm of breathing and heartbeat;
  • pupils dilate;
  • changing voice, behavior;
  • increases blood pressure;
  • there arises the tension of the muscles;
  • appear on the skin tingling;
  • enhanced salivation.

In men it is the basic character of sexual desire is erection of the penis. Blood flow several times increases the length and the diameter of the body. The increase in length is an individual figure, small penis in the process of erection increases stronger. He straightens up and becomes hard. Institutionalize changes contribute to the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

With the transition to the proximity of the excitement of the men increases, and together with him and all the reactions of the organism. Boosts heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. The rhythmic rubbing of the penis on the walls of the vagina is a strong irritant.

For prolongation of sexual intercourse is recommended to temporarily discontinue the frictions, in order to reduce the voltage. The erectum of the penis appear discharge, which does not have to worry about. It predomina liquid, playing an important role in conception.

Orgasm – peak of pleasure, this is the shortest time of the sexual response, lasting only a few seconds. It is accompanied by the eruption of the seed. In men, shrinking of the muscles of the body may involuntarily break out the different sounds, feeling of euphoria.

The emission of semen is due to the rhythmic dismissal of the smooth muscles. It begins with small portions, gradually increasing the amount of sperm. After the first stirrings already nothing will prevent men end up ejaculating. Every leak is accompanied by sexual pleasure, especially in the area of the head and the body of the penis.

After orgasm the body returns to a normal state. The muscles relax, the outflow of blood from the penis, and the organ decreases in size. Comes the period of decay, in which a man is not excited, and even when the physical impact on the penis.

Phase of refractive errors — this is the time that is needed to the floor for use in front of the new erection. It has a certain duration and can range from several minutes to hours. With the age of this interval is increasing. The angle of ascent of a member, in most cases, reaches 60-90 degrees. The maximum peak falls on 20 years, and after 50 angle is greatly reduced.

lubricant when excited

Discharge in men when excited

Transparent highly viscous discharge from the erect penis – this is a normal physiological process. Fat in men, when it is excited going through pre-ejaculate. This moist, colourless liquid drained out of the tube channel in preparation for the penis of the act, or during masturbation.

The source of lubrication are the Cooper's gland. Their secretion contains a variety of enzymes and mucus.

Transparent secret performs several functions:

  • isolated remnants of urine in the urethra;
  • partially neutralizes the acidic environment of the vagina;
  • lubricates the urethra for passage of sperm;
  • discharge contribute painless a penis of the law.

Lubricant for different men differs significantly according to the volume. This can range from a few drops to 5 ml and more. Its main purpose is to pre-ejaculate – to prepare favorable environment for the sperm. predomina fluid neutralizes the acidity of the vagina, increasing the survival of sperm and chances of conceiving a child.

For partners who prefer to interrupt sexual intercourse for contraception, the question arises, what is the probability of pregnancy in case of contact with lubrication. Stock composition of pre-ejaculate have shown that the seed is not in him. But with repeated sexual intercourse with the selection they get the remnants of the seminal fluid, preserved in the urethra.

Lack of or excessive amount of lubricant in men does not affect their sexual relationship. Any speech individually, not a strict template, which is need to fit. Enjoy closeness without fear, and prejudice.

One of the kinds of "erasing" the head of the penis it is smegma. These discharge do not have a relationship to the excitation of the penis. White pingue substance facilitates the movement of the head member while leaving the foreskin. But a large accumulation of smegma' causes inflammation of the skin of the penis and other problems. That is not to happen, it is necessary to a day to flush the smegma.

How to excite a man

Sexual attraction of men depends on many factors. If in the period of youth does not start from one's thoughts about close, then, with age, it is still not enough.

For increasing the libido of the partner the woman need to specific releasers or irritating substances. In nature the males of the mortgaged visual assessment, so nice holding for the thrill men, wear seductive underwear, to dissolve the hair. The appearance of the naked female organs, the symptoms of the wishes from the partner also contribute to the emergence of the response effect.

Cause excitement for the stronger sex help a variety of stimuli:

  • auditory;
  • spotting;
  • olfactory;
  • tactile;
  • erotic fantasy, movies, and more.
how to excite a man

Access to the awakening of sexual desire in men is to be individually. For it is worth it to study his habits and preferences in music, food, flavors and so forth to Increase the attractiveness of the help to an aphrodisiac, it can be spices, foods, drinks, scented oils.

Among the recognized pathogens of sexual activity: nuts, seafood, grapes, spicy herbs, herbs, fruits. The smell of patchouli oil enhances sensuality and the production of testosterone. Young people will appreciate the aroma oils of mandarin, verbena or cedar, a partner adolescence will suit juniper or sandalwood.

Before preparing a romantic evening with the aroma lantern is necessary to find out whether the chosen allergy to cooked an aphrodisiac.

For some men the words can become a powerful stimulating factor. Certain phrases from the veiled hint of the proximity of blatant lust cause partners sexual activity. Directness will meet in conjunction with the well-known object of passion and discussion about sexuality or praise look will appeal to men.

Touch with varying intensity – a direct path to the excitation of the partner. The monotony disastrous for sexual activity, to attract the desired man a woman have to resort to experimentation.

You can start with a massage gradually covers the various erogenous zones and points. Touches on the breast and nipple are born with a strong floor, no less than women. Give your partner the full range of the feel of the soft stroking and kisses to the bite.

Not to miss the back and buttocks – here a light massage may end up sensitive stroking the nails.

The inner part of the thighs, another source of pleasure for men, soft or firm touch – the elect themselves partners. For love it is necessary to use not only hands and lips, but the whole body. Belly men is one of the most erogenous zones. His study of the language will bring real pleasure. The proximity of the partner from the penis, malaise, and expectations quickly lead to an erection.

The Penis is an erogenous area for any man, its stimulation will necessarily lead to the top of bliss. The most sensitive and delicate part of the body – the head. Touches and the stimulation of his tongue, forcing a partner, forget everything in the world. He studied the most sensitive place of men, you will be able to give him is a pleasure.

Stimulant medications

Why in males decreases sexual activity? The answer to this question can be many: stress, transferred disease, age, fatigue and other reasons.

Tablets for men for the thrill of sexual desire perfectly cope with the problem. Prescribe is a must specialist, after clarification of all the details and decreased libido.

The consequences of the excitement without discharging

Sexual arousal is not always ends in sexual intercourse. The body, prepared to drop its voltage orgasm, it remains in the overexcited condition. If such situations are individual character, fearing needless to say, health and potency are not affected.

unpleasant sensations in the absence of the discharge

What did you feel when you stop without draining:

  • discomfort or pain in the testicles, slight swelling;
  • unpleasant sensations in the penis;
  • tingling in the nape of the neck;
  • pain in the lower abdomen.

Of the symptoms listed above deserves special attention pain in the testicles. This authority is important for the health of men. He is responsible for the production of testosterone and sperm. If the sex organs healthy, then the discomfort will disappear after 4 hours.

Feelings of pain in the testes may be a signal of the disease. If changing their size, density or the pain will become sharp and strong, then you need to see a doctor.

Sex drive is an important part of the sexual life of a person. When the excited men better to use several methods, alternating their sequence. It will give an amazing result.