The right vitamins to increase potency

what vitamins are needed for male potency

A man's sexual performance depends on many factors: nutrition, lifestyle activity, addiction to bad habits, ecology, heredity, etc. The full functioning of the male reproductive system is ensured by a varied and correct diet which supplies the body with all the necessary substances. Vitamins are especially important for the strength and proper maturation of sperm.

Men who seek to improve their sexual performance and the quality of their sperm are advised to pay attention to their diet: it must be varied, saturated with all the useful minerals, trace elements, vitamins.

Vitamins for men's health

To improve potency and overall health, men need a variety of vitamins and minerals:

  • vitamin A (beta-carotene, retinol, retinoic acid);
  • B vitamins, which have a stimulating effect on the central and peripheral nervous systems, including those which increase sensitivity and libido;
  • B1 (thiamine);
  • vitamin B3 (vitamin PP, nicotinic acid or niacin);
  • vitamin B6 (pyridoxine or pyridoxole);
  • vitamin B9 (folic acid).
  • vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid).
  • vitamin D (calciferol group).
  • vitamin E (tocopherol).

Vitamin A

Beta-carotene is one of the forms of vitamin A, which is necessary for normal functioning of the immune system, increasing potency and improving reproductive function in men. The daily intake of vitamin A is 5, 000 IU.

Sources of beta-carotene are red and yellow fruits and vegetables. First of all, these are carrots and pumpkin, butter, egg yolk, cod liver, fish oil.

Vitamin B1

vitamin B1 to improve potency

Thiamine provides energy to the brain, peripheral nervous system, muscles and reduces fatigue. Its need is 1. 5-2. 5 mg per day. The lack of this substance leads to irritability, increased fatigue, sleep disturbances.

Vitamin B1 can be provided by including legumes in the diet, in particular peas and lentils, potatoes, brown bread and products made from wholemeal flour, pork, peanuts (unroasted peanuts).

Vitamin B3

Nicotinic acid activates the brain, improves the condition of blood vessels. The daily norm of niacin for an adult man is 15-25 mg, and its lack is manifested by increased fatigue and muscle weakness, sleep disturbances and depressive states, headaches.

Peanuts, brewer's yeast, lean pork, beets, certain types of fish (salmon, tuna) can be a source of vitamin B3.

Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine is involved in the synthesis of the hormone of happiness, serotonin, and ensures the normal functioning of the nervous system. The male body's daily requirement for vitamin B6 is 2. 0-2. 5 mg. Its deficiency is manifested by irritability, numbness of the limbs, muscle weakness and fatigue.

You can get vitamin B6 from sunflower seeds, eggs, bananas, carrots, avocados, tuna, and shrimp.

Vitamin B9

Folic acid is necessarily included in any vitamin complex for potency, as it participates in the synthesis of the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, helps improve general well-being and increase efficiency. The need for folic acid in men is 200 mcg, its lack leads to a feeling of anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia, increased fatigue and decreased potency.

Contains vitamin B9 in green leafy vegetables, cheese, citrus fruits, lentils, salmon and tuna.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C influences the formation of dopamine (the hormone responsible for sexual desire), serotonin and endorphins, and also ensures the permeability of capillaries, including in the male genital area. Vitamin C helps stabilize and activate other important substances, especially vitamin E. These are the main vitamins for increasing potency.

vitamin C to increase potency

Its deficiency is indicated by increased fatigue and a tendency to frequent colds.

The daily intake of vitamin C is, according to the latest recommendations of the World Health Organization, from two hundred to five hundred milligrams.

To get vitamin C, you need to eat tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, all kinds of citrus fruits, dried fruits, nuts, all kinds of cabbage, black currants, strawberries, mangoes, peppers and parsley, broth or rose hips.

Vitamin D

These vitamins are prohormones that increase the production of testosterone, the main male hormone responsible for the potency and maturation of sperm. It is synthesized in the body under the influence of sunlight, when consuming eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, butter, milk, fish oil.

Lack of group D vitamins is indicated by increased fatigue and irritability, insomnia, depression, muscle weakness, increased nervous irritability.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E and potency are inextricably linked: tocopherol is responsible for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands, in particular the pituitary gland, which ensures the production of sex hormones and the proper maturation of sperm.

Vitamins E for potency

The daily requirement for vitamin E in a man is 12 to 15 mg.

Its deficiency can lead to male infertility due to the breakdown of the seminiferous tubules and a decrease in the number of epithelial cells in the testes from which sperm are formed.

You can get this vitamin from all nuts and seeds, vegetable oils, spinach, egg yolk, milk and meat, bran, wholemeal flour, soybeans.

Basics of nutrition for men

Experts recommend getting vitamins that increase the potency of food: biosynthesized substances are better absorbed by the body than those created artificially.

Men must be on the daily menu:

  • green;
  • leafy and common vegetables;
  • nuts or oil seeds, vegetable oils;
  • butter, milk, sour cream;
  • eggs;
  • fish or meat, seafood;
  • berries and fruits.

Meat should not be too fatty, since animal fats contribute to excess weight and, as a result, deterioration of potency. All plant products should preferably be consumed with minimal or no heat treatment: under the influence of high temperatures, vitamins begin to decompose and will no longer bring any benefit.

Very useful for the strength of male celery.