The most effective means to increase potency in men

When a man is faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction, the question arises: what tools for increasing the potency to use?

pills for potency

Modern pharmacological industry has an extensive arsenal of drugs to increase potency, it is: pills, creams, gels, ointments, a variety of biologically active supplements. Is forgotten today and the recipes of folk medicine. How to choose an effective means to increase potency in men, it is necessary to carefully examine the composition and action of drugs.

Due to the fact that erectile instability most often is the result of pre-existing disease and an incorrect lifestyle, risk factor to harm the overall health increases. So pick up the drug, it is the ability to improve the potency, it is necessary taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and only after consultation with your doctor.

Tips on the use of medicines supporting potency

Use medications to improve potency in men it is necessary in the case of: erectile dysfunction, too rapid ejaculation, in a period of remission of inflammation of the prostate and prostate adenoma. All diet pills potency, it works in a similar way. Their task is the stimulation of blood flow to the genital organs, with the aim of strengthening the erection necessary for the full intimate contact. The best medications contained in the medical the TOP 10, they are able to affect the strengthen the male potency and sensory sensations during sexual intercourse. However, it is necessary to know:

  • even the strongest pills to increase potency is not have properties, exciting psychological side of the sexual sphere. They are well stimulate only the physical component, is not always manifested effect on the sex drive;
  • factor, improve the potency, for all the 10 drugs is not the long-term. They are suitable as a safety means to improve the potency of a forced way. Restore potency with the help of effective medicines will not work. It is necessary to remove the cause of erectile dysfunction.

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The best remedy, potency in terms of safety, the use of the – cream. Compared with tablets, it has several advantages:

cream for potency
  • has no contact with the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, save from the digestive disorders;
  • does not pass into the blood stream;
  • will not put pressure on the cardiovascular system;
  • does not affect the functioning of the kidneys;
  • not provokes medicated addictive;
  • does not cause adverse side effects.

Creams, gels and ointments for the upliftment of the potency can be used in pathologies of different nature. Data tools can be of vegetable or chemical bases. The cream is applied on the sexual organ directly in front of the intimate contact. During the 15-20 minutes a man gets an erection without harm to the overall well-being of the organism.

Contraindications to the preparation of the cream's individual allergies. Before you start to use the tool, it is necessary to perform a test on the elbow of the bend.


This form of release of the drug for men is the same as for cream — not interacts with the internal organs, therefore it has no side effects. The exceptions are the allergic reactions. Before use it is necessary to carry out the testing of the drug on the skin. The spray is very convenient to use, improves the blood circulation in the external genitals, complements the deficiency of vitamins and testosterone.

The best means of folk medicine for potency

Folk recipes include the use of herbs and certain foods to increase the potency. These methods are rarely bring immediate effect, but in the long-term use in an integrated treatment, give very good results. A list of essential folk remedies for improving potency in men:

  • ginger root. They are used in the form of alcohol tincture or brewed as a tea;
  • nuts. Enjoy a day with sour cream, honey, or as a separate dish;
  • parsley. They are added to salads. Best match in a salad with sour cream;
  • bee products: honey, propolis, bee pattern, royal jelly. On the basis of preparing medicinal teas, strengthening the male power;
  • garlic. Applies to increase the potency and increase immunity.

Psychotherapy as a means to increase the potency

Emotional state — a key factor in the achievement of a man an adequate level of erection. If it is the cause of reduction in potency is the disruption of psychological balance, it is necessary to turn for help to a psychologist or sexologist. Sessions of psychotherapy to increase potency in men – this is an effective remedy in psychological impotence. In addition, in all cases, when there is erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to start with lifestyle changes: give up drinking alcohol, change of diet by excluding from it the harmful products, to enrich the food with vitamins, minerals and fiber, observe the regime of work and rest, each day to perform the exercise, watch your weight, take of means for potency.

consultation with a doctor

No drug on the potency can not be taken uncontrollably, despite the fact that is sold without a prescription each pharmacy. To decide what to choose birth control pills or other medications to increase potency in men, it is necessary to consult at the doctor. Depending on the history of the patient and stage of the disease, the doctor will choose the best remedy, potency individually.