Diet for potency in men

The question of what to eat to increase male potency has been at the center of medical attention since ancient times, when in everyday life it was believed that the richer and higher in calories the food, the morethe male body was powerful. Warmly supported by the power's propagandists, then by advertising campaigns, this approach was justified in the years of famine.

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When men, doing hard physical labor, needed a large number of calories, and later already under the developed socialism, when housewives managed to cook dozens of delicious dishes from three food items, inthe hope of paving the way for the male heart. In our time, male potency has become inversely proportional to overeating, and more is said about what not to eat, so as not to harm the male body.

Healthy eating habits

The whole complex of healthy living, including the rejection of harmful addictions (smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs), a balanced diet and a rest diet, combined with physical activity, rejuvenates and cleanses the male bodydestructive toxins and, therefore, has a positive effect on sexual desire and erectile function.

In this regard, the fight against excess weight is also justified if diets and exercises do not exhaust and lead to the depletion of vitality, which in itself is fraught with impotence.

The universal rule on which the male potency diet is based: minimal consumption or complete rejection of products with preservatives that have a long shelf life. This category includes a variety of canned foods, sausages, sodas, and candies. Excluding them from the daily diet automatically reduces the excess intake of salt and sugar.

Following such an instruction, a modern man will forever leave the fast food and supermarket stalls with convenient products, go to the market, and then cook for himself in the kitchen or for a woman who cooks. For many, such a scenario is an unaffordable luxury for a variety of reasons, but by giving at least a weekend to stick to this rule, you can dramatically improve your body.

It is also possible to adapt the diet by revising the principle of purchasing goods: from several identical products, buy one with a shorter shelf life. Eating fresh, not hot, and steamed foods increases their health benefits.


By a strange coincidence, products traditionally recommended for increasing potency have an expensive market value, which is an additional incentive for men to improve their social status.

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Fresh honey, nuts, caviar, oysters occupy the first horizontal lines of the list of aphrodisiacs. They're rich in vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients and taste great, but their effectiveness in turning any man into a sexual giant is clearly overstated.

With a lack of zinc, leading to hormonal disturbances, pumpkin juice is recommended, fresh celery can increase libido, watermelon can clean the blood vessels in the pelvis.

A diet to increase potency is based on the introduction of certain foods in daily use, such as:

  • Legumes - beans, peas, lentils;
  • Fermented dairy products - kefir, sour cream, cheese, yogurt;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Vegetables - tomatoes, onions, cabbage and greens;
  • Fruits of all kinds, including citrus fruits;
  • Nuts of all kinds.

Replacing sugar with honey, in combination with diet foods, will significantly increase the likelihood of losing excess weight. Specialized and more stringent diets and natural remedies are prescribed by doctors to treat hormonal imbalances and urinary tract infections.

At the first alarm bells indicating dysfunctions of the genitourinary system, or with episodic erection failures, a man should reconsider his diet and lifestyle in general.

Food stereotypes

The stereotypical perception of the male menu is based on meat and fatty foods. Green vegetables, berries and fruits are considered frivolous foods, more suitable for children and women. They are most often ignored by men to the detriment of their health.

However, not all traditions are unnecessary. The usual onions and garlic, especially fresh, as well as oriental spices, if there are no medical contraindications, are a source of vitamins and minerals useful in all seasons.

In case of complaints of erectile dysfunction, doctors should inquire about the patient's daily menu.

Unlike the fashion for vegetarianism, most experts believe that animal products, including animal fats, are necessary for maintaining male sexual potency. Another problem is the amount of meat eaten and its types.

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Age and genetic characteristics, and medically, each person's medical history has a major influence on metabolism. And the rapidly advancing dietetics is always seeking answers to many questions.

Potency issues in the overwhelming majority of cases are physiological in nature, and with self-medication, miracles rarely occur. Increasing self-discipline, introducing dietary restrictions, and sticking to a non-standard diet will hardly solve the problem. Listen more to your body. Do not overeat, do not overwork and see a doctor in time.