How to increase libido: a list of products for potency

Avocado is an aphrodisiac for increasing potency in men

What products should you pay attention to to increase the potency of a man? What is the list of products for a strong erection? To restore sexual health, it is not necessary to resort to drugs to increase potency. At first, you just need to adjust your diet, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and play sports. Include the foods listed below in your diet to significantly boost erectile function.

Seafood that will increase male potency

Salmon fillet in the diet of a man with decreased libido

The diet for increasing potency mainly consists of minimizing the consumption of animal fats in favor of vegetable fats. Try not to rely on fatty meats, lard, fatty dairy products, butter. The source of vegetable fats will be olive oil, seeds, nuts. You should also be careful with fish oil.

If your male libido is decreasing, eat fatty sea fish at least twice a week. For example, you can steam or steam salmon. Among seafood, pay attention to shrimp.

The richest source of zinc is the oyster. It is this element that actively participates in the synthesis of male sex hormones. It is also necessary to strengthen the immune system. Many studies have shown that a zinc deficiency can lead to impotence. And this mineral also helps reduce nervous tension. If you're not a seafood lover, zinc is found in nuts, pumpkin seeds, and legumes.

Spices and condiments for libido growth

Spices will help men build up their potency

Often, men who have been diagnosed with hypertension complain of an unsatisfactory erection. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of salt to 1 tbsp. in one day. However, this does not mean that dishes have to be tasteless to maintain men's health.

Various condiments and spices help improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. Warm up cravings with ginger root. Hot peppers, thanks to capsaicin, will improve blood flow to the genitals, increase the synthesis of endorphins, responsible for good mood. It is also useful to add nutmeg, marjoram, vanilla.

Vegetables and fruits for high potency

Celeriac is a product for men's health

Continuing to consider the list of products for potency, you need to highlight celery and parsley root. It is a great source of antioxidants and apiol that fuel interest in sex. Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, which can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Even in the days of the Aztecs, avocado was considered an aphrodisiac. Olive oil contains similar monounsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial for men.

Bananas, which are rich in potassium, will reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. This element is involved in the regulation of blood pressure. They also contain bromelain, which has a positive effect on erection. This substance can also be found in pineapple. In addition, to increase potency, it is recommended to eat peaches, strawberries, watermelons.

The list of foods for potency also includes whole grain breads, natural cereals, brown rice, cereals with a high level of fiber. To control blood sugar spikes, divide your three main meals throughout the day into five small meals. This will make you less likely to be hungry.

By following the right diet, you will improve your sexual health. However, to get the maximum effect, it is important to act in a complex way. Give up bad habits. Smokers have been shown to suffer from erectile dysfunction twice as often as people who do not smoke. Also, do not run your health if you are diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, other chronic diseases, being overweight.

In case of problems in the male part, drugs for potency, which contain exclusively natural ingredients, will help to strengthen the effect. Such dietary supplements will become an additional doping which does not exert a serious load on organ systems. Taking aphrodisiac drugs triggers the production of testosterone in the male body. At the same time, there is a strengthening of the immune system.