Six ways to increase potency

Has your sexual activity noticeably diminished with the onset of autumn, and your masculine potency seems to be leaving you, leaving you with the last sunny days? Don't worry, this is a fairly common occurrence and does not require immediate medical attention. In our article you will find several effective tips that will help to increase the potency and survive such a difficult time in all respects.

According to mythology, the goddess of love Aphrodite had the ability to ignite passion, to inspire the most ardent feelings both in ordinary mortals and in the inhabitants of Olympus. And her own potions, potions and ointments, prepared by her, not only aroused the appetite for love, but also multiplied the sexual power of lovers. That is why all the exciting essences received a very eloquent name - aphrodisiacs.

Unfortunately or fortunately, modern men are very different from the worshipers of the ancient Greek goddess. They are not endowed with eternal youth and immortality; instead of ragweed, they eat ordinary food and, as a rule, live in noisy and polluted metropolitan areas. But even under these circumstances, one can feel like a real Casanova, it is enough to adopt a few recommendations.

Sun rays, fresh air and healthy sleep are the best aids

The sun is a powerful stimulant for our body, encouraging it to produce sex hormones intensely. In addition, it directly affects emotional mood, as the famous "happiness hormone" serotonin is produced more actively in sunlight. Everyone has probably experienced the benefits of walking in the great outdoors, just remember how great you felt on your vacation. Good sleep is in turn the key to recovering and increasing energy potential.

Products - aphrodisiacs and their miraculous power

oysters to increase potency

Many types of products have been used for a long time to improve potency. There are more than a dozen of them, but we will name the most famous - these are oysters, caviar, asparagus, onions, eggs, celery, oats, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, the coconut. Certain condiments, such as paprika, ginger, cloves, and basil, may also be included. It should be especially noted foods rich in vitamin E, such as walnuts and hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios. Include them in your weekly menu and the results will not be long in coming!

Red - male color

meat to increase potency

Oddly enough, but there are certain colors that directly affect a person's energy. For men, this color is red, which is usually easy to explain. It is the color of Mars - the most violent planet, which personifies a man, symbolizes strength and steadfastness, controls sexuality, pushes for action. As you can see, there is a reason to add variety to your decor and personal wardrobe. Buy red lingerie, red curtains or a red lampshade for an erotic decor. Try jewelry with red stones - ruby, garnet, coral. And of course, eat more drinks and red foods.

By the way, this advice can be addressed not only to men - red also activates female sexuality. Although for the fair sex the most powerful aphrodisiac remains love and affection, supplemented by gentle caresses.

There is no success without vitamins

vegetable salad to increase the potency

Vitamins are essential for a great sex life. In some cases, it is enough to revise your diet and enrich it with useful products. If that's not enough, food supplements come to the rescue. The most important for a man is vitamin E, we have already mentioned it above. In addition, B vitamins play an important role - these substances support the body during stress and relieve fatigue syndrome.

Depression is your enemy

Keep in mind that depression can lead to many sexual problems. In some cases, depressive states cause a strong hormonal imbalance and, as a result, an increase or decrease in sexual activity. To normalize the condition, the help of a psychotherapist or sex therapist is often required.

Sport for life, not the other way around

a healthy lifestyle to increase potency

Moderate exercise will provide the same benefits as an aphrodisiac. Regular sports exercise will help improve metabolism, balance hormones, and achieve aesthetic appeal. It is difficult to think of anything better to maintain the beauty and sexual activity of our body. But all this does not apply to hard and exhausting workouts - they have a completely opposite effect. It is better to devote time to spiritual and physical practices aimed at relieving stress and gaining positive energy. Do yoga, meditate, master the correct breathing techniques and soon you will be pleasantly surprised by the changes that have taken place.