Male strength in what manifests itself

What is power? Power - translated from Latin means the ability, the ability of the body to have sex. The word itself usually refers to purely male sexual terminology.

Power concept

The ability to have sex determines male potency

If a man has power, he is predisposed to fatherhood, procreation, business, family name. Since ancient times, fatherhood has been equated with the gift of the gods. Now that the potentials have widened the boundaries, this word gives the concept, as fatherhood, also your own satisfaction and that of your partner. Male "power" indicates that the sex life is full. For many people, the question "potency - what is it? "Went unanswered. and what is this for? But male power is the ability and manifestation of utility in the desire to have sex and in reproductive function.

A man has the building blocks of potency, these are: the desire to have a given woman, elasticity and increase in the size of the penis, good vitality, sperm motility. Separately, the constituents of male strength are due to many reasons. To want a woman requires the help of testosterone, it actively participates in the period of sexual development. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone.

It is produced in the testes. The peak is reached at the age of 25-30 years. Then the decline occurs gradually, although this is a controversial issue. The process of elasticity of the penis is influenced by age. In young people, the cardiovascular system does not give specific failures, the blood flow to the penis is much faster. Weight and acquired fatty steatosis negatively affect the functioning of the whole body.

The influence of the environment on power

A man's environment and workplace play a very important role. Stagnation of blood in the small pelvis is mainly present in men who work in a sitting position, these are office workers in office positions. Separately, it should be noted the drivers, they also come into contact with fuels and lubricants, which have a detrimental effect on the main organs, as well as on winter fishing enthusiasts. The latter, without noticing it, freeze more than once, which will also affect potency in the future.

The most important detail of a man's erection is his health. All kinds of acute inflammatory infections and bacteria that enter the genitourinary system during an illness can cause tremendous and irreparable damage to an erection.


Erection translated from Latin means lifting. This is an increase in the size of the penis and its degree of elasticity. This property is observed in men. Regular potency in men is great for rejuvenating the body.

He understands:

  1. Discharge of semen from the urethra;
  2. The speed of manifestation of an erection;
  3. Duration of sexual intercourse;
  4. The ability to be satisfied and to satisfy the sexual partner.

Factors on which potency depends

Male strength depends on the following factors:

Mental disorders can affect the quality of potency in men
  1. Passion;
  2. Genetic inclination (these properties are passed down from generation to generation);
  3. Diseases of the cardiovascular system (it is responsible for ensuring that the blood circulates well to the penis);
  4. Hormonal disruption;
  5. diabetic sugar ;
  6. Obesity;
  7. Diseases of the genitourinary system;
  8. Age;
  9. All kinds of tumors and cysts (affecting the work of the heart and nerves);
  10. Addictions (drinking alcohol in large doses, smoking, taking drugs);
  11. Eat fatty animals and high calorie foods.

What must be done to maintain potency?

To maintain potency, you need to eat foods with vitamins E, C, B - these are nuts, seafood, diet meats, dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, parsley, celery, coriander, onions, garlic, dill, rye bread, mushrooms, chocolate, honey. Also, avoid high blood pressure, overeating. Do not give up spices: saffron, cloves, cinnamon, anise (these are good stimulants of sexual motility). Many diets and vegetarianism are not for male strength.

Power cannot be permanent. Over the years, it becomes less pronounced. You should help, support your body. The main thing is to take care of your heart, because everything depends on its rhythm, therefore, what is useful for it will have a beneficial effect on male strength. You should not give up on various diseases that lead to impotence. Without excessive shyness, you need to see a doctor and talk about the symptoms that appear. The sexual partner does not occupy the last place in the potency.

There should be understanding, trust, and release in the bedroom. Sorting in bed is not recommended. The man is lost, cannot understand what the sexual partner wants him or the solution to the problem. It affects his nerves, his heartbeat. Under stress, there is no normal erection. And from this, the unused power suffers and the man feels uncertainty about his abilities after a failed intercourse. In the future, sex will alert him, keep him going.

Health indicator

What is power? First of all, it is an indicator of excellent health (mental and physical). Self-confidence, problem solving, the desire to climb the career ladder, all this gives a man his strength. Jewelry can also help your health. A finger adorned with a tourmaline ring has a solar charge and shares solar energy with a person, electromagnetic radiation invisible to the eye.

It relieves various inflammatory diseases and heals the vessels in the pelvic area, which is very important while maintaining potency. You can maintain your strength by going to the gym, where the monitor will show you simple exercises for good blood circulation in the pelvic area: spread your legs wide, sit a bit, stretch your arms forward, stay in this position for 10 minutes. Exercise 4 times a day. It is suitable for all ages.

With such exercises, the blood is enriched with oxygen, has an excellent flow to the penis. Massage is also beneficial. It should be noted that the massagers of the feet lying near the chair and the unpretentious movements of the feet along them bring a lot of benefits to the whole body. After all, by preventing all kinds of diseases and observing a correct lifestyle (leisure, diet, work), sex life is prolonged. During evening ablutions, it is good to make a change of hot - cold water for the feet, which with constant use perfectly helps to maintain normal male strength.

The pace of life today has a detrimental effect on potency

The main factors of disorder in the work of male power:

Overweight in a man is the cause of potency problems
  • Psychological - various experiences, inexperience, all kinds of illnesses, sex with a partner (they can heal and lead to a decrease in strength). To calm the nerves at night, you need to drink pharmaceutical preparations, tinctures of motherwort, hawthorn according to the instructions attached to them. You will need a consultation with a doctor - psychologist.
  • Failure of the endocrine system, it is responsible for the production of sex hormones. It can be caused by injuries, cysts, tumors, various diseases of the systems. An endocrinologist will help identify exactly what hurts and how to treat it.
  • Medical reasons. Using seemingly harmless pills can lead to decreased male strength. A visit to a therapist and urologist will help you understand the properties of the drug used.
  • Neurology. Potency decreases due to neurological disorders (sclerosis, lesions of the perineum, epilepsy), which seriously affect potency. Doctors are not able to help with violations in the area of potency, and it remains only to use a penile prosthesis.
  • Irregular sex. Working with constant business trips and the inability to have a sexual partner, serving time in prison. All of this can be, if not avoided, then at least keep away from yourself longer.

A healthy lifestyle, mutual understanding in the family, in the bedroom, the support of a friend, safe work, prevention and prevention of various ailments will help to keep the male strength in working order for a long time.