Improvement of potency: exercises to increase potency

Why did this happen to me? This standard question he asks himself the majority of men which have undergone to the first failure in the bed. The problem is a weak potency, unfortunately, today we encounter more and more often.

to improve the potency

Stress, bad habits, fatigue and a number of other causes may lead to impotence.

If the first "bell" no longer rang, it's not worth it to run the problem, it is necessary to immediately seek ways and methods, how to improve potency.

The main reasons for the reduction in potency

If you know the cause, because of which your potency become weaker, you will more easily solve this problem. So, for starters, to see what factors negatively affect the potency:

  • stress, fatigue and psychological experience. If you are nervous before an important meeting or wildly tired at work, you hardly again become a real macho in bed on this day. This problem is solved simply enough, if it is, of course, is not running. Try to sleep well and relax. Won't hurt to also take time off for a while and go somewhere for the restoration of the forces;
  • smoking, alcohol abuse. These bad habits is not at all a beneficial effect on the organism and, in particular, on sexual function of men. Because smoking narrows the blood vessels, and this leads to reduction in blood supply to the genital organs. Give up bad habits in favor of a fulfilling sex life. A healthy lifestyle will have an effect on the potency only on the positive side;
  • meager diet. In men with weak potency in the diet certainly gets the products to improve the potency, such as beef, fish, seafood, chicken eggs, herbs, nuts, tomatoes, etc., that a Man must eat a high quality and useful food – only in this case, it is possible to improve the potency. Remember that you need to necessarily eat protein food;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, obesity, diabetes. These and other diseases often lead to the fact that the man becomes sexually weak. As the physicians allege, in this case, it is necessary to first treat the underlying disease, and then move to problems with potency. After the treatment it is also need to pay the overall strengthening of the organism.

Which foods improve potency

In North America and in most european countries, it was assumed that increase male sexual activity are capable of raw chicken eggs and walnut. The men of the East have chosen for the more original methods – they were to eat the blood of snakes, rhino horn and testicles of various animals. Today, however, it is not possible to experiment with strange food, but just fully and eat properly.

For normal potency in the diet of men should enter the products to improve the potency, rich in vitamins a, E and B group. In addition, it is very important to not overeat. With a full stomach, it's not worth it to hope in bed everything goes well. It is worth mentioning, that the vegetable food is very useful in weak potency. Favorite products for men must become, pistachios, peanuts, lemons, pomegranates and onions. To enhance the effect it is possible to combine the onions with the chicken eggs.

proper nutrition

In the diet of a man who is concerned about the question of how to improve the potency, must also be present hypericum, mint, cumin, boiled turnips with meat, cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt. A very positive effect on the potency of the seeds of turnips and dandelion leaves, ripped in the period of flowering. It was also noticed that frequent consumption of cooked mackerel significantly increases the potency.


Six special exercises that developed the experts are able to improve the potency of just a few days, provided regular training sessions. The effectiveness of this method is so high that about tablets to increase the effectiveness of you can forget.

The date of exercise able to amplify the work of those muscles, which are responsible for the full potency, as well as improve blood circulation in the genital organs and their ratio in blood. Erection becomes strong, that, in turn, increases the potency.

Exercise # 1

Stand up straight and lower your hands down. Then start walking, a maximum high lift of the knee (you can even press them to the stomach).

Exercise № 2

Stand up straight, put hands on waist, and legs slightly bend in the knees. Then bend them a little stronger and the first tighten, then relax several times in a row the muscles of the buttocks. Imagine that you hold them to stone. After straighten out, is not unwavering to fully foot.

Exercise № 3

Stand up straight and slightly bend your legs at the knees. Mimic the running on the spot, when this is not open socks from the floor surface. Movements must be fast – moving only the knees! Time perform this exercise initially should not exceed 1 minute.

Exercise № 4

Lie on your back, half bend your legs at the knees, and the hands pull along the trunk. The feet should rest on the floor. When performing exercises it is necessary to maximum high lift the pan.

Exercise № 5

Starting position as in the previous exercise, but legs need to be slightly offset. Tighten and release your muscles, which is located between the testicles and anus. Simply do it – similar to the tension experienced by every man, when holding back urination. It is important to notice that the muscles of the buttocks must remain relaxed. In addition, in this exercise it is important to take not quantity, but quality, more precisely the force that can cause strain the right muscles.

Exercise no 6

Sit on a chair and slightly lean forward, keep your shoulders straightened. Imagine that you are a vacuum cleaner and under you are located scattered buckwheat. Try to "suck" it to themselves using the same muscles, which have been described in the previous exercise.

Between exercises you need to do small breaks. It is important to notice that the complex will be carried out properly if you feel that the muscles of the buttocks are in almost relaxed state. Each exercise should be repeated 10 times.

How to improve the potency of folk remedies

Many men do not like to see a doctor, and so they prefer with the problems of an intimate nature to cope with folk remedies.

Decoctions and infusions of herbs, alcohol tinctures, a variety of natural remedies are able to cope with such a problem as poor potency.

Recipes to improve the potency of folk remedies:

means for potency
  • powder the ginger, mix with honey and taken every day. The mixture is to be washed down with warm tea;
  • mix assorted rhinestones seeds of nettle vulgare with grapes and honey. This tool is contraindicated to inject men with a tendency to thrombosis and have an increased clotting;
  • take 20 g of chopped rhizomes of calamus pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse for 8 hours. Then strain and take 30 ml three times a day 20 minutes before meals. You can drink the broth, and just chew small pieces of the rhizome of calamus;
  • pour 5 tablespoons of dubrovnik a glass of boiling water and put aside to infuse for 45 minutes. Ready broth take 50 ml 4 times a day. Duration of treatment 10-14 days.

In addition to all of the above methods to increase potency do not forget the main thing – regular sex has a beneficial effect on the state of men's health and can significantly improve your libido.