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  • The main reasons that depress potency in men are illnesses, psychological problems, medications, junk food, infections, addictions. Recommendations for the return of sexual power to men.
    31 October 2021
  • Diet for potency in men, healthy food, a diet of rest, combined with physical activity, rejuvenates and cleanses the male body of destructive toxins, improves male strength.
    17 October 2021
  • Discharge in men when excited: a normal amount of mucus, signs of deviation from the norm, the reasons for the appearance of pathological discharge and the likelihood of fertilization due to lubrication.
    20 September 2020
  • What has influence on potency? Until recently, doctors believed that impotence is, in essence, is the psychological "roots". About today's understanding of the causes of impotence you will learn from this article.
    2 November 2018
  • The question "what is it increased potency, and is it good or bad" clearly the answer cannot be.
    28 October 2018