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  • Few men know how cigarettes affect potency. Nicotine and carbon dioxide cause blockage of blood vessels, which causes erectile dysfunction.
    1 January 2022
  • Effective folk remedies for increasing potency at home: proper nutrition and exercise, herbs and drug recipes for male strength.
    12 December 2021
  • Herbs for potency and effectiveness. Recommendations for increasing potency with herbs, contraindications. Safe plants that help to solve problems of potency, recipes for decoctions and infusions.
    30 November 2021
  • When are men lubricated during arousal and why does the body need to pre-ejaculate? Discharge rate, causes and symptoms of deviations.
    20 November 2020
  • The reasons for the appearance of discharge in men in an excited state: normal variants and symptoms of pathologies.
    6 November 2020
  • The best natural remedies for increasing potency in men and the rules for their use.
    21 September 2020